Sunday, June 10, 2012


Finally, I got the chance to write down the last part of my European trip – Norway, before its anniversary. (I’m skipping Thionville, France since there’s nothing to write about). Norway is definitely my favorite though I also enjoyed all of my escapades in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Belgium and Luxembourg. It must be the natural sceneries that did it for me.


I stayed in Bergen for three-days. Yes, it was very short but we were able to maximize the itinerary. Salamat, bespren. It was pouring heavily when we arrived at midnight. Fortunately though, the weather started to get fine after noon. We moved our asses and began exploring the city. Umbrellas were not needed then. At first, it seems similar to other European countries, not until you discover the natural treasures of Bergen. Just after a few minutes of strolling, I fell in love with the place. How I immediately wished there was an available work for me. I will transfer in a heartbeat.


Ending our first day was a trip to Fløyen. Fløyen is one of the seven mountains of Bergen. It is a perfect place to relax and have a glimpse of the entire city. We’ve been walking all day, so it was a good place to stretch our legs. And I said earlier, the weather was perfect thus Mr. Sun did show up. It was a bonus point for me.


The next day, after finding out another good weather forecast, we booked ourselves to the fjords tour. Seeing the online site was enough for me to forget that I didn’t have sleep the day before. I thought, I will be in paradise. PARADISE INDEED. I was running out of words to describe the place and choosing few pictures for this part was very hard. During the trip, I was wearing my blog shirt and one Australian tourist approached me and said that she liked my shirt. Ha! She just gave me a business idea.


paradise on earth 
a permanent wanting 
costumeless tourists 

Just when I thought I had seen the best Bergen has to offer, we went up to Mt. Ulriken the next day and it was equally breathtaking. I can stay in one spot for whole day just looking at Bergen's cityscape. Even if you are afraid of heights, you’ll forget that fear once you go to Mt. Ulriken. It will make you appreciate the heights.


It was a fun-filled three-week journey. If I will be given the chance to go back to Europe, I'll further explore Norway. I will be waiting for that moment to arrive.


Until next time.
Until I had enough money to travel again.
Thanks to all the people I met during this trip. You made my trip more memorable and exciting.

Tak! Takk! Danke! Arigatou! Salamat



  1. Replies
    1. So enjoyable, your work! Again I am so happily amazed.

    2. Thanks Zan! Appreciate your visit.

  2. Beautiful photos! I'd love to visit Norway soon... perhaps next year, before my Schengen visa expires. :)

  3. D@mmit! How I wish you didn't go to this place!! Ahahaha!

  4. Yaman mo talaga bf awwww next tym ulit ski

  5. enjoyed the tour...beautiful country...beautiful pics...thanks

  6. paradise ...yes!!

  7. postcard shots come to life! beautiful pictures from a beautiful place! awesome!

  8. OH my gosh what beautiful pictures whats your camera? is it possible to have that show just with a point and click camera?

    1. I'm using D7000 :-) I think so, it's still possible. I started with a point and click camera :-)

  9. that 4th picture reminds of those cartoons i used to watch when i was younger. galing!


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