Saturday, October 15, 2011


I assumed it was also summer in Europe. I was right, but not the summer I expected. It was cold and autumn-ish. How can I survive the next 16 days having brought only summer clothes from Japan? And with that question in mind, my Europe trip began. First stop -- Copenhagen, Denmark. It was also my first time to meet Kat, and was expecting to see her carrying a placard of “Welcome Totomai” while waving a Danish flag. She didn’t. Boo! A quick look at the neighborhood before both of us went to our respective commitments as I went to shoot Kybele (hope I can blog about it too) and she on an event she organized.


The following day marked the start of my walkathon days in Europe. If only I knew, I could have done some preparatory leg exercises. Walking around the city instead of taking a bus or train was way, way better and gave me the chance to see more of Europe. It's my first time to be on this side of the world, and I am not ashamed to say that I was in awe that I sometimes forgot to click my camera.


glossy paper dreams
turn to real-life canvass
chocolates and beers

First stop was at NY Carlsberg Glyptotek. Luckily for us, it was free admittance on a Sunday. The place was very interesting, it was home to thousand powerful sculptures of ancient era. The past was well-represented and one should stay here for a day to appreciate all that's being showcased.


Walking further, we were led to the Copenhagen's number 1 tourist attraction -- The Little Mermaid. The small statue was indeed popular as tourists and locals alike swarmed the area in order to get a souvenir shot with her. Me included. Tourists posed with wide grins on their faces but if you look closely, the mermaid's face is contemplative and hurting like that of a brokenhearted. No sympathy extended!


The sculpture pictures her as she sits and looks out over the water, after having gotten legs and come on land, never actually having married the prince, and reminiscing over her childhood and lost life in the sea, as a mermaid. more here

On the way to above spot, we got to chance to have a glance on other tourist destinations. Among them is the Tivoli Gardens, one of the oldest amusement parks in the whole world. Should I go back to Copenhagen again, I will pay it a visit and will ride all the possible rides that may bring me to early 1900's.


And there's the Amalienborg Palace. A part of it was under construction during walkathon stop-over. It was also the point of the cycling event thus the security was tight. We left after a few clicks. Nobody's really there except the royal guards marching from one end to the other.


I initially planned to include more photos and places for this entry but I better not to. I'll let the curious ones visit Copenhagen and discover the other gems of the city. My few days in Copenhagen were well-spent and will always be remembered. Clichéd as it may sound but this experience is already locked in my system. Frozen. Painted. A million thanks to Kat, as well as to her very accommodating and kind-hearted family and friends for everything. Words, as they say, are not enough to describe how appreciative I am. I think I better stop as I keep on throwing one cliché to another. Or hand me another can of Carlsberg.





  1. sweet bruh! you're so very welcome, salamat din at 'di ka natakot sa 10k walkathon, hihi.. at sensya wala ng placard at the airport! lol! I could've brought the basketball score sheets as my best shot, lol. and on top of that, I was "late" as you landed earlier ;) my home is a simple city, that i hope you enjoyed, too short a stay, we didn't get to do much more, nevertheless hajimemashite! bow.

  2. te kat, sobra sobra na nga e. sobrang lakad na ang ginawa natin kaya okay na yun. di ko na nga sinabi na late ka e haha,

    dami ko pa sanang idadagdag kaso baka akalain nila encyclopedia na to. sa kabilang blog na yung mga kakulitan mahirap na mag english haha. regards sa lahat pabasa mo to sa kanila.

    di ko pa to nalagay sa FB, binabasa ko pa uli baka may mali haha

    TAK ng marami. HALONG!

  3. nice mai another achievement Explored: Europe k k k,,, ung mga photos, kahit walang signature malalaman mong Totomai photos ang mga yun kahit wala sa blog na ito hehehe

  4. An intriguing post laden with fascinating photos! Amazing where a paper ticket may lead!

  5. @Da, haha europe explored lol. blog na din kayo ni ai

    @Gemma, thanks! yeah, paper tickets have full of surprises.

  6. I always forget to use my camera when traveling. Then I have to write everything on paper during the quiet moments.

  7. Hi Lisa, so true. Maybe that's because we are enjoying the travel very much.

  8. The sculptures are beautiful! Would love to visit Copenhagen someday... Though not really looking forward to a cold-ish summer :)

  9. @PJT but it's actually a good weather to embrace :-)

  10. Have visited Copenhagen a few times and been blown away by it every time. My favourite is the Glyptotek. Loved reading of your visit as well as the short poem on paper.

  11. Thanks Champagne. would like to visit the place again and hopefully to spend more time in Glyptotek

  12. naks dami mo pang gagawin bf yung thionville dont forget ha moamoamoa ski

  13. wait lang bespren... lol wala akong maisulat sa thionville haha adik moa moa moa

  14. Totomai, what a great experience! :)

  15. Loved the line 'Glossy paper dreams'

  16. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Love those curved shots.

  17. ganda.. saang part ba ng mundo ang d mo pa napuntahan? hehe sabi pa ni enzo ang dami mo daw pins sa gowalla..

  18. @Kikit - salamat. mukhang madami pa akong isusulat haha

    @Laura, it refers to magazines, could be to tickets too :-)

    @Teric, thanks!

    @Lav-Rey, Enzo salamat sa africa at middle east wala pa. lol. di ko maintindihan ang gowalla ngayon :(

  19. You captured some lovely images. I hope you stayed warm.

  20. Your 'here' looks a pretty good place to be.

  21. awesome! hope u enjoyed yourself.. we did! :)

  22. awwhh so proud of you mai! and thanks for sharing your beautiful images (as always!) will do my best to blog as much as I can, first things off my list I finally organized my photos and transfered from media cards to a 1 tb external HD. LOL. talk about loooong overdue, no?

  23. Absolutely beautiful photos...thanks so much for sharing your journey.

  24. Thanks Rinkly!

    @Vallafrax, why?

    @May, yup, i did. that walk was insane haha

    @Meow, salamat gid. i have 1 GB external HD too but still too transfer some files..

    @Ramesh, thanks!

    @Maggie, my pleasure

  25. Thanks for letting us join your walk at Denmark. The photos are all beautiful. :)

  26. Well carried out! I would really be happier individual if everyone wrote also as you do. Thanks once more


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