Friday, September 16, 2011



Finally. I am having a vacation. A 17-day break from work (hopefully, no interruption) is all I need to keep my sanity intact. Besides, I've been experiencing headaches, allergies, rashes for the last few days and I can only blame work-related stresses for those.

Even though every year, we are granted by our company for the annual leave, I felt I was about to explode due to sudden increase in work load and responsibility that I asked my superior to grant me / approve my (a) vacation. He understood, and signed the application for leave form.

Ah, I can definitely call this one a leisure. LEISURE. And I am looking forward to see my friends and discover new places from other side of the world. This would be interesting and educational. and AWESOME. And for the very first time, I'll blog, shoot and distill thoughts with my new travel companion, Nikka. Ricah will still join but Nikki will guard my apartment.

(I'll carry the black heart too)


As I said over and over again in various blog entries here, I hate flying but I think, this is one is definitely worth the travel. My sleeping pills are ready!

See you Nihon on October 2.



  1. weeewwww...halong...enjoy ur vacation to the max...sana magka-photoshoot din kmi with Nikka, hehe...muah!! ^_^ - ai

  2. hahaha oo kelangan ienjoy, mahal e. haha. oo naman. honeymoon shoot niyo lol

  3. oo haha as usual di ko pa alam pano gamitin

  4. punta ka norway? hehehe regards mo nlang ako kay Nikka.. ipamigay mo nlang kasi c nikki mo willing akong tatanggap hahaha!

  5. haha lav, taga bantay muna haws si Nikki. try ko gamitin si Nikka kung okay. hehehe.

  6. ingat mai,,, enjoy euro trip kkk,, ang sharp ng mga kuha mo, same subject lang tau pero ang akin parang night shot blurred kkk,, ingat mai

  7. congrats on the new D7000 ahahhah assuming from what ive read gin bakal mo man gid! lemme know how it goes ha? and have a great vacay!

  8. Thanks for sharing this, i have to say that You have put some though in writing this post. Keep it up!

  9. See you bf ready n ang tent hihi sakto dami mountain dto hihi ski

  10. @Dash pareho lang kaya tayo kuha ;-)

    @Meow. ok gid a. inform ta ka kung di ko maguba haha

    @Com, thanks!

    @Kikit, oo kelangan haha

    @Bespren, haha adik ayaw ko sa loob ng tent

  11. Interesting and really well written! Most blogs on the web are not that simple and good like this one.


any thoughts to distill?

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