Sunday, March 24, 2013


The spring season casts its spell a little early causing a major shake-up to everyone's schedule. Thousands troop to parks for the seasonal hanami or cherry blossoms viewing. Ah, spring, why so early this year? 

  sumida 3 
 spellbinding moment 
showering of pink petals 
tomorrow's autumn 

Spring will be gone soon. Sooner than we think. It won't give us time to totally embrace it. Just when we thought it's about flowers are about to bloom, the wind snap them in instant. Everything's in a hurry, leaving you with no energy. At all. 

Tomorrow, I'll be on a business trip again. My 3rd out of country trip this year. Yes, it's work related and most of them are short trips that I often lost track of the timezones. At times, I wanted to say "No" but that's not the way the business goes. It's handwork and I don't understand why other people underestimate business trips. Side trips are our bonus, lucky if we have time for sightseeing. When I return, I think it will be spring no more. The first three months prove to be very busy months. I think I have pushed my energy to the limit. 

Last Friday, I had a very severe headache but I still continued working until 730 pm. When I arrived at my apartment, I threw up thrice and for the first time in a long time, I was scared. I love my job but I think I must love myself too. 

 Everything's like spring. Embrace it while you have it. Or the wind will take it away. 



  1. wedding photographer sa bacolod... di ka masusuka.. walang business trips lahat sidetrips haha (y)

  2. You should try to rest, totomai. Maybe you're skipping meals already. :(

    1. busy lang lately. too much work, less than for myself haha

  3. Sounds like you are tired..i am glad spring is coming..over here it is like winter up!

  4. Oh wow! Take care and rest when you can. Our daughter seems to push herself like you are.

    I like your seasonal haiku, it tells the way things are going for us, faster, faster, faster, ... even the seasons. Nice use of the prompt, thank you.

    1. thanks Jim. yeah. sometimes i feel that i need to stop but i just cant haha.

  5. parang di nga maramdaman ang spring kasi naulan at parang winter pa rin sa lamig.. ehehehehehe


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