Sunday, August 24, 2014


There were lots of shaking during the 33rd Asakusa Samba Festival. For a change, I am not talking about earthquake. Japan(ese) summer would not be completed without the sounds and beats of samba. I think I haven't missed this event since coming back to Japan in 2008. I could be wrong though.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014


It's been a year since I went to London to watch The Championships popularly known as Wimbledon. I was able to blog about it but wasn't able to write about the rest of my trip. Well, I had another one - about Bournesmouth. I stayed near Bayswater Underground and during my trip, I had been using  the Tube a lot. The Tube is London's public metro system. I found it to be very convenient as I didn't find it complicated like that of Japan's.


Thursday, June 19, 2014


I am at the edge of my seat. Lately.


It's been a quite busy and interesting month for me. Three of my weekends were spent for business trips in South Korea and Malaysia. This made me long for a good weekend at home. But how to when I failed the recent medical exams and I am subjected to further tests today. I can feel that I'll be fine and that the results will be normal, if not, I may have a minor operation. And that would mean the Angola business trip is not meant for me. Or that would mean, I have been working hard lately. Or could just be stress-related.

Talking about business trips, this year seems busier than last year's. Last week was my 26th flight for 2014 and we are not even half-way yet. I may go to USA, Malaysia, Ecuador, Angola, Saudi Arabia and India this year. And I don't know how to fit the schedule within the next six months. 

Anyway, I'll think about it once the effect of anesthesia subsides later. 


Tuesday, May 13, 2014


It’s a wrap! Springtime’s over. And if you think that Japan only showcases cherry blossoms or popularly known as sakura during spring, think again. Japan is blessed with various flower species, which in one way or another, have the same charm and appeal as that of cherry blossoms. It’s about time to know some of them. It may be a year early but here are some of the places you should visit next spring in Bloomsville aka Japan. Again, I am not including the cherry blossoms spots.


Thursday, April 24, 2014


Seven years. 

Yes, that is seven years of shooting, blogging and distilling thoughts. As you may already know, I started blogging when I was jobless. Since then, I made sure that at least I have one post per month though the number of posts per year dramatically decreases.


Monday, March 31, 2014


When I was featured as the Photographer of the Week in the one of the flickr groups, I was asked to describe my photography in one word. Poetic was my answer. I always thought that there is poetry in photography. I have been using the phrase, poetry in photography, since 2007 when I started making personalized calendars. The phrase may have originated somewhere, or it  may have come from me, but it doesn’t matter as I further played with the two main words and came up with a not-so-appealing PHOETRY

PHOETRY will be the title of my new photoblog. More photos, less words. A visual poetry.


The first time I used the term phoetry was in 2009 in one of my blog posts. It has been my guide in taking photos. Though I can still keep up with my one blog per month in, I thought it’s better to have an alternative photoblog where I can post photos only with less words. PHOETRY will be the perfect venue for it. Another branch of as it turns seven years old. Don’t worry, will still continue to shoot, to blog and to distill thoughts. 

Give some love to PHOETRY – my new photoblog. It will always feature ten photos per post. Any subject / theme recommendations is highly appreciated. 

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