Saturday, November 22, 2014

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


My brother Dorb like animals since we were young. He has cats, dogs, fishes as pets and now he is raising hogs, poultry and freshwater fishes. Lately, he is addicted to small metallic fishes known as guppies. At first, I could not understand his obsession but that changes after he asked me to take photo of his fishes during my vacation since he is not into photography.


Saturday, November 8, 2014


Last September, for about three weeks, I was assigned in one of the Floating Production Storage (FPSO) facilities located in African seas. So far, it was the farthest business trip I had and my very first time in Africa – Angola to be exact. Applying for visa was not a problem but I was required to have a yellow fever vaccination before I can proceed with the application. It was single injection but the pain can be felt for a couple of days. I was also required to pass the survival training which is a must for engineers going off-shore. Though I was kind of hesitant with the assignment at first, especially with the outbreak of the Ebola crisis, I had no choice since I was in charge of this project. 


Sunday, November 2, 2014


The Kawasaki Halloween Parade 2014 proved, yet again, that it is one of the highly anticipated halloween events in Japan. And for a day, Kawasaki turned into a fantasy world.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Between summer and autumn, there is a must-see place in Japan that everyone must see. The Hitachi Seaside Park is often listed as one of the most surreal places to visit. Though seasonal flowers are being showcased throughout the year, mid-April to mid-May and end of September to mid-October are considered perfect time to visit. Nemophila or baby-blue eyes turns the park into a blue mountain in April / May and kochia bushes turn it to a blushing hill in October. It must be noted that Kochia or fire bushes are quite selfish as they turn green just after two weeks of being red.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I am fascinated with abandoned places or haikyo in Japanese. These places project mystery and intrigue that photographers and explorers could not resist. I and my friends have been planning of exploring haikyo in Japan but it did not materialize.  Either we didn't have the time to plan carefully or just too afraid to admit that we are scared,
Haikyo is the Japanese word for ruin (廃墟), obviously composed of廃 (hai = useless, obsolete) and 墟 (kyo = hill) – used as a synonym for both urban exploration and abandoned places. more here.
I have been reading blogs about haikyo in Japan but never had the chance to join any of the haikyo groups. The exact location of the places listed on the blogs are omitted most of the time.  However, there is this abandoned place that is often mentioned as one the must-see haikyo in the world, the Gunkajima Island also known as Hashima Island or the Battleship Island.


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