Friday, May 18, 2007


There’s something magical about sunsets. Each sunset paints poetry. A boring moment can turn enchanting in a minute or two after staring to it. Haha, don’t worry I’m just trying to be creative to describe what I usually feel while taking sunset photos. For me, sunset symbolizes hope; it is certainly a friend in times of need.

Last Monday, while the country is starting to count the votes, we had a mini-reunion (HS class ’94) at Mall of Asia. It’s been more than a decade when we last saw each other. Of course, it was all talk (read: liquor ban). There were lots of how are you’s? and what’s up with you’s? involved. The meeting wouldn’t be complete without the reminiscing the high school moments, teachers and bloopers.


Enough of the introduction, I am running out of words already when my only intent is to post a sunset photo taken at the Manila Bay. Funny but for the very first time, I forgot to bring my camera. Tsk tsk. So how can I capture the moment when it would be a great opportunity to shoot another Philippine sunset? Of course, I borrowed my friend’s camera and excused myself from the group for a while. WOW! What a very relaxing sight, made me forget about my frustrations – yeah, the flight delay and all.


I continued to click the camera until my stomach complained. Its time to eat again! Haha. We went home and when my friend’s checking her camera, she was surprised that it’s all about sunsets and only two group photos. I whispered to her, “You like them, right?”



  1. Now that is a crazy shot! This one will make a good banner should you choose to change your layout soon. Hehe.

  2. benj hmm, you gave me an idea. lol, tambay ka kasi minsan sa manila bay hehe

  3. Lol. "All about sunset and only two group photos." Poor girl, bet she wanted some pictures to remind her of your reunion. :P I hope she answered 'Yes' on your question back there. :D

    But yeah, sunsets are mesmerizing.

  4. @geo she didnt have enough choice but to say yes lol


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