Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Banchang, Thailand. Haven’t heard of it? Me neither. It’s a town in Rayong Province Thailand located east of Bangkok.

The moment that I was hired, I thought the company is located in Bangkok; after all, Bangkok is synonymous to Thailand. I was wrong but I guess it’s a blessing in disguise. I am staying in a traffic-free and quieter place. No additional stress.

For a year I will be staying here and I have started exploring the area despite the scarcity of public transportation. The foods, mostly spicy, are cheap. The streets are just like in the Philippines including the askals. Communicating with the locals always poses a challenge but its fine.

From 15 to 30 minutes and in different directions, one will realize that there a lots of places to discover. From golden beaches to mesmerizing temples to flower fields and sunset viewing. This town is as beautiful as the other popular places in Thailand. I think it deserves to have a push.

Below is a slideshow of some of the places I have been around the area. Banchang is near Pattaya by the way. So don’t forget to drop by on this less-popular town. I'll be adding pics from time to time and the slideshow will be updated automatically.

Sawatdee Krup!



  1. hope you have a good time in thailand totomai.. i've been to a thai temple once here and i liked their food.. only that i have to choose the less spice ones...

  2. hi bert. hows US? nah, you'll get used to spicy foods soon. just like me. hehe

  3. Toto, the place is photogenic. Well, nature is always photogenic. But you deserve a credit for finding the best angles. Your camera captured moments, precious moments in pictures and each hold a certain mood, a multitude of thoughts and emotion when viewed. They can inspire beautiful words of poetry and they could be Haiku. I like the first picture in the collection. The contrast is lovely. Nature framed by a window from your angle. Or is it a window? I also like the pictures with nameless kids in your collection. Nameless, that makes the viewer see their childhood in the picture. I did. When I was in Bocolod as a Medrep, I would do sketches of pencil on paper. I gave them as birthday gifts to the pediatricians prescribing the medicines I carry. And I remember, the subject of my sketches then were kids. I just don't know if some of the doctors still have my works in their clinics. They were titled "Pedia" and "Childhood," and some of the figures are semilar to this pictures.

    Thailand is seem an interesting place to visit. For me, its synonymous to the word "exotic." The pictures of the place you shared here confirms my thoughts, and yes, food included.

    Idyllic place, great works!

    I wish you well ~ Jeques

  4. not really exotic Jeques, its like Philippines' twins.

    thanks for the kind words, i do try taking pictures of overused subjects differently. well, that's what i think. hehe

    perhaps you can show that sketches in your nook too :-)


  5. Toto, I'm planning to do that, too. I would soon be posting in my nook pictures of my sketches and paintings. I've been so busy working I haven't gone to a store to get a camera. I sent to the Philippines the camera I bought, so I need to wait until I get me a new one. That's why I take note of the camera you recommended. The picture header in my nook is actually a picture I took of the spring here in Chicago. Dandelions even if they call it weeds here are just so lovely, and I am amuse how they transform overnight from yellow to white and then their flights(could be problem to those with asthma, though). One day you see the fields blooming yellow and then the next day white. I like to call it "the flight of the dandelions." It is an apt symbol for my "Taming This Tyke's Voice" They are fleeting.

    I believe that there's really no such a thing as overused or stale subject. Every artist has a unique take on everything. What makes it unique is when you succeed to incorporate your emotion and thoughts in the subject. That makes it your own. That makes the subject fresh and new again ~ with the personal touch placed by the artist in his works. Imitation is another thing, that makes any subject cold.

    I wish I saved a file of my sketches that I give away before, but I rescued some in my sketch pad. I will share them in my nook with my latest paintings. Coming soon.

    I wish you well ~ Jeques

  6. Jeques, I will surely wait for that.

    your header photo is a beautiful one, i am not sure but i think you have changed it? i think i saw a different photo before (must be autumn) i am not sure though

    thats why i try to avoid photography classes, you know, try to learn it on my own... i am afraid my "originality or uniqueness" will be taken away by traditional approach hehe

  7. I agree. I've read somewhere that the advantage of self-taught artists(like us) is the free expression we place in our works. Original, no influences from mentors or teachers, just the natural flow of our artistic creative instincts. The danger of attending classes or going to art schools according to what I've read is losing the inborn originality of an artist. Their is beauty in the rawness of an art work by a self-taught artist. Products of pure honesty. Though we can not ignore the merits of refinements gained from formal education, still there is a wide audience for fresh voices.

    Yup, I changed the header picture of the automatic mistylook theme with a picture from my own file of the spring.

    I wish you well ~ Jeques

  8. i cant say im an artist yet. lol. i, just a hobbyist having a good time. hehe


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