Friday, September 14, 2007


A few weeks ago I wrote my experience in Nongnooch Botanical Garden. It is one of the places here in Thailand that I have to visit again. Seeing the geometrical landscapes was enough to remove the stresses and pressures that were, well, accompanying me. The flower fields were exceptional too. Its as if like a free-flowing sea though more colorful and graceful than its waves. The animals were friendly to the tourists, perhaps they were trained not to harm us especially if we have bahts in our pockets. LOL! There were artificial lakes and pottery-patterned sculptures. The place was really huge that it requires another round of strolling. Maybe the next time I'll visit the place, I'll skip the Cultural Presentation as well as the Elephant Show. The two were pretty interesting, but assuming that the program is just the same, its better to explore the place more than to sit and watch a "replay".

And of course, I have to show you the grandeur of the said place through my camera's lens. Enjoy and visit Thailand if you have time.



  1. thanks for sharing your wonderful pics john, makadto ko da, hehe, maybe in 2 or 3 years, ara ka pa da ayhan?

  2. wish ko lang. not sure about my career. hehe. but i like the place and my work here.

    thanks. kadto na di bala. hehe

  3. I like your photograph of the tiger. I have a peculiar liking for tigers as subject for my paintings. I have one favorite subject which I sterted sketching pencil on paper in 1998, then oil on canvas in 2004. When I came here, the image haunted me. So I asked my sister to send me that small painting I did in a package. I got it last July, before my birthday. I reproduced the painting this time in a larger surface, 30"X30" and it now occupies the living room wall of my apartment.
    I titled it, "Tamed, 2007"

    Your photographs of the garden showcased the piece of eden in your place. A must see.

    I wish you well ~ Jeques

  4. @karis, visit thailand sometime, will you?

    @jeques, that made your apartment more personal :-) anyways, thanks for liking the pics. i am trying to capture the beauty of the place i'm staying right now. too bad, i havent discover blogging yet when i was in japan

  5. Sure!!! Tour mo ko? :) Just glad you weren't in that plane crash, about 90 people were killed. Halong pime ha. What about you coming here in the US? Pinoys are still praised for their outstanding talents and personality here, not to mention our brown skin :)

  6. @karis, sus, tour lang gali. oo a. hehe bisan di ko katultol. thanks kars, i love to go there but im thinking my family everytime i make a decision. budlay na layo sa balay in case of emergency :-)

  7. I have visited Thailand on a number of occassions but have never seen anything like this. Its now on my wish list of places to visit in the future.

  8. Those are beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!

    dried piece of toast

  9. these photos are amazing.. what an absolutely beautiful place.. i agree,, definitely worth a second look!!!

  10. Totomai,

    Oh yeah, I remember this. . .

    Lovely as the first time I saw the photographs.

    Are you back to Thailand? How's the Philippines?

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  11. these pictures are beautiful very nice post and thanks for sharing your journey with us.


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