Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I’m not really into bars, the most I go there is thrice a year. It could only be me but I prefer staying at home and sleep. Lots of sleep. But few days before I left Thailand, one of my friends invited us to go to Minus5Pattaya. He’s been all praises to the said bar as a perfect place to unwind.


The bar is in Pattaya City, Thailand. If you are not familiar with the place, it’s the place where the bad guys go! LOL! I didn’t coin that phrase, I just saw that in one of the souvenir shirts, “Good guys go to heaven, bad guys go to Pattaya!”. How I wish I bought one. So if you’re in Thailand, forget Bangkok for a while and explore Pattaya.


Actually there are two bars to choose from, -5oSupperclub and -5oicebar. We just took a quick glance at the latter since its too cold for us I guess, lol. From their website,

Deeply cool, -5 icebar is kept at –5 degrees all year round, with the bar, glasses and furniture made of crystal clear ice. A starry ceiling, rocking music, changing colour lights and 20 minutes of free shots, per access, set the ambiance for celebration!


We decided to stay at -5osuppaclub. Despite the fact they said its -5, it’s a bit warmer compared to the other one. LOL! Huge bed size-life sofa welcomed our bodies and the constant display of changing lights amazed me. From orange to yellow to blue to red – quite a spectacle. No exaggeration. The place by the way is very clean and the usherettes/waitresses are very pretty.


The angels, I mean the waitresses, took our orders. Everything in the menu sounded foreign, except for chicken lollipops. The price is a bit expensive but its worth it. I ordered for raw oysters and my friends never showed even an ounce of interest. LOL!


Oh and they provided blankets. Do they want us to enjoy or just to take a nap comfortably?


We stayed there for almost three hours and decided to go home afterwards. There’s nothing we can do except to go back to our hotels after our wallets are emptied. Just kidding!


But yeah, for a different experience, visit Minus5Pattaya, a good place to forget the hustle and bustle of the city life. Try, and be relaxed.


This is an unpaid advertisement. LOL!



  1. hahaha! galing mo mag advertise mai... pwede na.

  2. @lav, pede na ba? haha. walang magawa kasi e

    @atty. kayang kaya mo yang pumunta ng thailand hehe

  3. hahaha.. bad guys go to Pattaya? Sounds very interesting


  4. How about a nice cup of coffee to warm you up?

  5. We need more places like this to brighten the seasons. Like a whole restaurant and etc. I was looking for a translation but that would have taken too long.

  6. Nothing like that here in northern NH, that's for sure! Wild!

  7. @Steve, yes please, its a good place to visit

    @Preethi, as they said so, LOL!

    @Granny, oh I would love one :)

    @lela, yes, especially during this coming holiday

    @Linda, not really wild, its cozy hehe

  8. Nice photos.

    Now, I hate to sound dense, but can you tell me what the connection this is with the current SS prompt?

  9. Thanks for coming by, reading and commenting and for the clarification.

  10. I might just stay home and have a cup of coffee - but thanks for the information! :)

  11. bar yan totomai?!? ganda (woot)

  12. oo bar yan. ganda no? pede pa mag pic diyan...


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