Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Ah, the last days of March. Not so long ago we were six and eight, excited and eagerly waiting for our travel to Mama's hometown, Iloilo. We would meet our other relatives and enjoy each others company. Well, grandma couldn't do anything but to welcome all of us to her humble abode. This has been our yearly tradition.

The house is located just a few steps away from the coast. And if Lola couldn't see nor hear any trace of us, she knew very well that we are on the shore, from sunrise to sundown.


We would wait for the sun to wake, observe how the boatmen boast their catch and how those torches appear like falling stars, savor the briny air and explore the depths of the sea goggle-less. Its just that we were young then that we never get tire staying from sunrise to noon, from high tide to low tide. Yes, even without eating.

But of course, Lola wouldn't tolerate her grandchildren skipping meals. She would spoil us with Filipino foods and fresh fruits and would only stop when she felt that our stomachs were appropriately filled. Burp!

After the feast, we would spend the lazy hours in a hammock, or in any comfortable area such as table, wooden floor, mat. Just as long as the wind could fan us, its fine. Napping for two hours to energize us once again. Wait, is it still a nap?

We enjoyed the late afternoon activities too. Barefoot, we would go along the shorelines, pick some shells (and gamble with it afterwards). Ssshh. Or we would stay on anchored boats, and wait for the sun to rest, or spy young couples walking with locked hands. Or we would run back to the house and hide inside our rooms after seeing Lola carrying a big wooden stick while calling our complete names. Good times.

But despite spending most of my childhood years trying to swim, funny, but until now, I still don't know how. Well, I can, if I have a life vest. Is it even possible?



  1. tienes una coleccion de fotografias bien bonitas

    i´m sorry not to write in English but not speak in english

  2. thanks. i'll try to translate it later hehe :-)

  3. That's a beautiful shore shot.

  4. Wow - a wonderful shot! The colors are really amazing!

  5. This is real cool photo. Love to see Iloilo...

  6. Fantastic post; spectacular photo.

    My entry is here:

  7. すごくいい写真ですね!

    Beautiful photo!

  8. Nice writing totomai!

    Indeed it's summer. Then, this would mean vacation in my beloved Hda. Isabel... :)

    Hala, nag-ano ka sa PE4 sa La Salle nga indi ka pa gyapon kabalo maglangoy? Nagpa-exempted ka ay? Hehehe... Joke...

    Nice picture there too... Gintagaan mo ko sulundon... :)

  9. Your shot is terrific! What a great capture and thanks for sharing those great memories or yours!

  10. @Guy and J, thanks

    @Valrykein, must be the colors of the rising sun

    @TB, the pic is taken in Thailand

    @PC and Khalleen, thanks!

    @Kikit, oo nga sana bata na lang lagi haha

    @Sam and pot, thanks

    @Mark, haha, nag apply ko varsity sa bowling para di lang maka PE hehe. thanks gid. naks, pede gid masunod a

    @Linnea, my pleasure :-)

  11. when i visit the philippines i gain weight because i love the food so much :P

    lol, i know a lot of filipinos that can't swim (including me)... i think its funny cos we're from an island.. :P

    beautiful reflections on the picture!

  12. The reflection in the wet sand is just exquisite!

    w00t! It's WEDNESDAY!

    Tink *~*~*
    NOW PLAYING at My Mobile Adventures *~*~* :
    Lighthouse at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

  13. @floreta, oh yes, everytime i go home i gain weight too. hehe, maybe we're to lazy to learn haha


    @Tink, yay! it wednesday!

  14. A beautiful description of carefree days!

  15. Warm. Familial. Superb memories and the photo is out-of-the-world beautiful.

  16. Wonderful memories, and the sun looks like it's burning a whole in the sea - amazing!

  17. ganda! simple lang pero sobrang meaningful ng photo!

  18. @Linda, those were the times when you only think about playing hehe

    @TW, thanks my friend. its worth waiting for the sunrise hehe

    @STG and guatami, thanks guys

    @fjordz, ano kaya ang meaning? hehe salamat pards

  19. Love the photo, it made me long for home.

    We share the same home setting mai, just like you, we live in the province with a similar beach.

    I haven't been home for more than two years. Oh how I miss it.


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