Saturday, October 17, 2009


I almost missed my brother’s (Dorb’s) wedding last week. My flight back to the Philippines was originally scheduled on Oct 8, the very same day a super typhoon will hit Japan. Fortunately, an officemate of mine informed me about this and I immediately asked my boss to allow me to go home a day earlier.

Arrived in Bacolod on the 8th and every one is on panic mode. The rain was unceasing. Everybody was worried that it will spoil the big day. Haven’t seen my brother so serious and short-tempered. Haha, thanks to Sarah, the bride, who was very calm all throughout.

Oct 9th. Our relatives from Iloilo arrived. They stayed in our house and it was such a great opportunity to bond with them after, say, seven years. Again, we didn’t sleep the night before the wedding. Talk, talk, went around the city just before the wedding was awesome.

Oct 10th. Everyone was up as early as 4 am. Wedding at 10 am. It was the busiest day in our house ever. Wonder if it will be this busy if I get married someday. My brother and sis-in-law stayed at the hotel so they were spared from the commotion. I finished first so I went to the hotel to take some random shots of them. Though they hired an official photographer, I thought it would be better if I can have a remembrance for them.

kasal 133

It was a simple ceremony attended by loved ones from both parties. The eyes of my brother and sis-in-law showed how much they truly love each other. The wedding took almost an hour and another hour was for photo opps. Haha! Saw my father complaining because he was too worried that the guests were already hungry. We then proceeded to the reception.

My brother and sis-in-law was a couple for 6 years before finally saying I do.

Best wishes and congratulations! More babies to come. LOL!
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  1. congrats sa bro mo! enjoy na enjoy ka sa bakasyon ah hehehehe...see you soon!

  2. di na ako babalik diyan hahaha. salamat.

  3. dear, great shots...

    Today, you are the guest friend at FLOWERS FROM TODAY.


  4. Thanks, i'll share one of my old posts for flowers from today :-) im on vacation and no time to blog, lol

  5. Wonderful pictures as always.
    I hope you enjoyed the special day at your brothers wedding.
    Thank you for beeing our guest friend at TODAY'S FLOWERS event.
    Have a good vacation..
    Gisela - Toronto Canada

  6. what are the flowers you posted superior

  7. Hello, and congrats on being guest friend on Today's Flowers! You have some beautiful flowers on Today's Flowers site. Hope you will post an entry for Today's Flowers next Sunday!

  8. Hi totomai,
    got here via Today's Flowers. I was reading some of your older post ... your photography is excellent!

  9. Congratulations to your brother and sister in law. Beautiful post and photograph of their wedding. I love your shots on the main page of today's flowers too.

  10. Beautiful wedding. congratulations and best wishes!

  11. Johnny: Neat photos of the flowers on Today's Flowers.

  12. This is a warm and touching portrait of a wedding. I'd love to see more flowers like on Today's Flowers. Congratulations on being Guest Friend. I've never seen those flowers you posted. Do you have more flower photos? Any links to local flower sites so I can learn more about them? Thanks!

  13. Congratulations on being the Guest Friend on Today's Flowers. Your flower pictures are awesome. Congratulations to the bride and groom. A very romantic photo at the church.

  14. congrats to the newly weds...
    glad to know you made it despite the storm... :)

  15. I hope you enjoyed the special day at your brothers wedding.

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