Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter!


Earlier today, I attended the Easter Mass. I don’t attend Sunday Mass that often but I always see to it that I join the Easter Eucharistic Celebration. During the homily, the priest raised one question, who among you is afraid of the future? Some raised their hands, some didn’t, including me. Actually I am not really afraid of the future instead I worry more about death.

Just when I am thinking about death, the priest concluded his homily saying, life doesn’t end when you die. You still have another life with God. The concept of resurrection, which I think is the essence of Easter. As a Catholic, I have this belief in mind since childhood and it is not changing until this very moment. I am not really familiar with the practices of other religion but I still believe do they celebrate Easter too. I may be wrong though. :-)

awareness of faith
with or without religion
a life-taught knowledge

When I was in high school, I was a catechist to kids. I serve as a mentor to them basing on what I have since living this life. Experience is a great mentor and it will continue to be one as long as I keep on breathing. I am honest enough to admit that I am not spiritually mature but I think I did a good job in teaching these kids about religion.

And maybe these kids, if we meet in the future, can teach me too about life, religion and faith.



  1. nice one mai...nakalimutan m lng isama ung ibang part ng homily..wakeke...anyway, it's still the faith that matters-suzie

  2. Happy Easter. Years ago, we used to do the full Catholic Church thing Good Friday - Easter Monday - and more...
    In Thai - you might know - Buddhists don't have Easter but they do have Lent, quite unlke the Lent we know.
    In 2 weeks it will be Songkhran - you must remember that!

  3. SUzie, yun na lahat ang homily uy haha

    @Stan, yes my friend reminded me again of Songkran. Hope I can have a holiday and will return to Thailand again

  4. agree ako kay first anonymous haha.."those who rarely go to church"..ahihi..congrats na touch ka s homily..dati kc tulog ka bwahaha...-sheila

  5. mga adik kayo lang kaya ang tulog "Ang tanging alay ko sa iyo aking Ama" bwahaha

  6. Exactly. Beautifully so. Wonderful poem. Happy Easter.

  7. Happy Easter :)

    wonderfully written and expressed

    Merciless Mentor

  8. Thanks AA, happy easter to you too :-)

  9. What a wise post -- Happy Easter to you, and I agree, experience is a great mentor.

  10. Someone who fancies himself occasionally wise once said:
    "dharm aur vishwas do bahut alag bat hain| Aur ek dusre zaroor nahin|"
    (Religion and faith are two very different matters. And one does not require the other.")

    Your poem (as I read it anyway) echoes that sentiment. Well turned sir. Well turned indeed.

  11. Nice - I think we are always mentoring and being mentored. There's much to learn and teach.

  12. Truly being cognizant of your faith!

    I am a Baptist and so we don't celebrate anything like what Catholics do...but religion is not an issue here!

    I appreciate you sharing the message!

    Magandang umaga Kabayan!

  13. Thanks Thomma, TW, Kabayan and Mojo. Happy Easter to each one of you

  14. parehas pala tayong me magandang easter sunday mass

  15. wonderful poem
    life teaches us
    many things


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