Sunday, October 31, 2010


Each one of us has his own ghost stories to tell. Some of them may be true and some are purely products of our imagination. These stories are parts of our childhood and we cannot deny the fact that until now, there are instances that we keep on re-telling these stories to our friends just for the sake of being scared.

I won't be telling a ghost story here. Rather, I'll share one of my obsessions. I want to go to haunted houses or haunted mansions (of course, with friends). Exploring these places in spite of its eeriness would be awesome, imo. You may ask, why not do it alone? In case of emergencies, it's still better to have a company, right?


a webbed chandelier
flickers and mourns in silence
hushing draperies

veiled bride awaits
incense fills the bolted room
eerie fanciness


If I remember it correctly, I wanted to celebrate my birthday last year at a place called "Suicide Mountain" here in Japan but it didn't push through. I can't really remember the exact reason but I guess it for my own good.

Until this very moment I really want this obsession to come true. But I want to be ready when that opportunity comes. And I hope my friends will be too. I won't be doing it alone.

Happy Halloween!



  1. sa Fujikyuu, meron dun "haunted hospital" hehehe

  2. @Jingle and Old Ollie, thanks and i will

  3. ooooh did you ever capture the ghostly spookyness.......well done!!!!!

  4. I like how you paired these two haiku together to make them each something more. Nice work!

  5. Captivatingly creepy....look forward to more.

  6. What a haunting poem...I can feel the eerie fanciness. Suicide Mountain sounds pretty deadly lol. I hope your friends are up for the adventure. Enjoyed your post!

  7. TWG, well until now no one saying yes to me haha

  8. Liked reading it and the explanation that went with it.. interesting..

  9. Visit Disneyland! Di ba may haunted house sila doon? hehehe :)

    Singit lang Totomai ha, please join our project "Buy a Postcard, Pay It Forward." And if it's not too much to ask, please invite other photographers as well. :)

  10. huy punta tayo sa suicide mountain! kasama yan sa story na isusulat ko. diyan ang ending! puwede kaya magshoot dun? :)

  11. totomai, extended yun for a week. deadline of submission is nov 14 na. sorry hindi ko na-update post ko :(

  12. Each of us has our own ghost stories. What a wonderful beginning to a haunting journey. My daughter used to love to scare herself silly with haunting tales. I'm glad you brought a friend!

  13. @Ramesh, thanks

    @Kit, shared the link already :-)

    @sweetmargoso, malayo yata yun. haha tuloy yung movie?

    @gabrielle, i think we all love to scare ourselves too

  14. oo tuloy! malapit lang kina ate maki yun di ba? gusto ko nga sana pumunta dun dati nung nagphotoshoot tayo e. pero puwede rin naman kahit saang forest na lang dyan i-shoot hehehe. tuloy yun! baka next year :)

  15. mas malapit siguro kina kuya rad yun (lumipat na sila e) hehe. tsaka up down bahay nila haha

  16. Nice poem, and good images!


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