Sunday, March 6, 2011


Where do i begin, to tell the story of the great love can be goes the first line of Andy William's song Love Story. That was song I often hear my mother sang when I was growing up. It could be their theme song but I didn't bother to ask. Believe it or not, I and my brother didn't know the exact anniversary date of our parents until recently. And how recent was that? January 2011. All these years, there wasn't any anniversary dinner or party as far as I can remember. They were good on keeping that date a secret. LOL!

We are not really aware of how the two of you get together 34 years ago. It might be an accident or fate, I can't tell. All I know that it wasn't an easy relationship. Yeah, though both of you never told the story yet we were observant enough to get a grasp of your union. It could be a soap opera plot.

Mama just turned 40 and Papa was 13 years younger. And Papa was one of the drivers of grandmother's GREEN FLOWER Taxis. Your relationship may be a secret then since the world seems to be against you. But in the end true love prevails. Absolutely there were dramas before you finally said I DO to each other but those not-so-good events made you stronger and blessed you with two problem-free kids.

On your 34th wedding anniversary, I really hope that you remain healthy and free from sickness. It's a common wish that every child long for their parents. Both of you are not getting any younger, and me and my brother are not always around 24/7, so please be very extra careful in all the activities you do.


zooms on the highways
stethoscope counts heartbeats
accidental love

Both of you often say how proud you are after I and my brother finished our degrees. But it should be the other way around. We are so proud to have parents like you. Our diplomas are not enough to compensate the sacrifices you had for the past 34 years.

I really, really hope that we will be celebrating more of your wedding anniversaries.

Love you Mama and Papa!

totomai and dorb


  1. i agree,, its poig,,,pio,, nicely done,,,,


  2. Thank you for sharing your secret with us. You are a good child of your parents.

  3. Happy anniversary to madir and padir! i totally agree; "Our diplomas are not enough to compensate the sacrifices you had for the past 34 years." - to most parents ;)

  4. salamat ate kat. dapat may doctorate pa hehe

  5. wish them a happy anniversary, Totomai :) and more anniversaries to come too :)

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  6. Well, it touched my heart..My best wishes..forever..

  7. Awwww ... that is indeed sweet!

  8. Perhaps they met in my poem...

  9. Thanks Kay, Jack, Kim and Jingle :-)


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