Saturday, August 27, 2011




breathing cautiously
shadows of life, in and out
wheat-colored chances

That is how I describe life in Japan. That was my initial reaction when I was first assigned here in April of 2003. That description is still applicable, at least for me, even after eight long years. I am getting used to it and I think I was able to catch-up its hurried pace. It took some time to adjust but once I went with the flow, everything seemed fine. Well, not all the time. I am still human after all, if you know what I mean.

Everyone’s like a shadow in Nihon. Sometimes you see, sometimes you don’t. It’s amazing to see almost everyone in a hurry, leaving me in wonder at the same spot. Too fast that I need to play it back on my mind to see if I missed something or not. This was the inspiration of the video I made (all clips taken by my iphone4) and this summarizes my life in Japan, in slow motion. A bit lonely but that wasn't my intention. Haha!

It’s tedious to think that you are always catching with time. The only way to escape from these pressures is to pack your bags and hide in a place where life is in slow motion. A place where you can just sit back, relax and appreciate everything around you. Just realized that for the past 8 months, I've been going to business trips. I am looking for that vacation as it was already approved by my superior. Maybe he realized I am going insane. It will be a short break but would be enough to re-charge my energy and save my sanity.

I am loving Japan despite its accelerated lifestyle. I can even think of myself settling down here. Just don't ask me if I am already fluent with Japanese language. That would make me want to leave Japan right away!



  1. at least you are aware and appreciate the difference in how you live life and how it is where you are

  2. Thanks Kay, I have to.. I must to, LOL!

  3. No female prospects yet in Japan? ;)

  4. kkk,, maganda ba japan,, punta kami jan

  5. @winnie, madami na lol

    @dash, maganda naman. haha. kkk talaga e no

  6. I guess the tremors are never easy to adjust to! Hope you have a wonderful vacation! :D

    My haiku - Patiently Trying

  7. at least the chances are still wheat coloured.
    just the colour seems hopeful and full of light.

  8. @Leo. but im getting used to it already. i will. thanks!

    @Rebecca, yes, still hopeful. :-)

  9. A very interesting writeup, and thats a great video you've compiled. I think when people hurry, they miss out on the finer things in life, but if they don't, they miss out on other stuff! Its really confusing, and maybe the correct approach would be to strike the right pace! But even that may vary greatly from person to person.... !

  10. Nice haiku and video - interesting artform.

  11. In spite of troubles living optimistically is half the battle won!!

    My OSI Post - Millstone is here

  12. Lovely Haiku. My son spent a year in Japan teaching. He was the tallest man there at 6'4 1/2". Was happy to come home.


  13. A great haiku and wonderful write up. Come to think of it. The Japanese is reputed to be faithful to his employer. It is a life-long job relationship. Do they need to keep up with the rat race and 'hurry around'?

  14. Thanks for sharing. It's such a shame that time only moves forward and not backwards. And the worst part of it all? We can't deny it. Cannot deny from it.

    With this, you are now my inspiration. Follow you, I must! :)

  15. @TDL, yes, I am guilty of that too. Every one's rushing. no time to pause.

    @Foxy, MMT, TCS, thanks!

    @Nanka, absolutely true

    @CR, but i think he enjoyed his stay here

    @Kay, everything's precious for them lol

    @Vallarfax, so true. but it's a learning experience as always. Thanks. keep blogging :-)

  16. This is such a nice read. I have loved Japanese culture from a different perspective (the anime, harajuku and pop-culture one) but I've never realized how different life in Nihon really is. Anyway, the video you compiled is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this.

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