Wednesday, November 30, 2011


For the past few weeks, I kept on hearing the words ASAP, submit and priority that even my dreams weren’t spared from their apparitions. I could only wish that my world would pause for a moment and let me catch some air. That is, if I’m still breathing. The joy in taking a break!

blowing off pressures
forgets negativity
fake but sapid world

I just returned from an 18-hr business trip from Seoul (yes, including the travel time). That was probably the shortest business trip abroad I had in years. It was also my 10th visit to Korea for this year alone. I am getting used to traveling as required by my work but that short trip was a bit too much. Quoting the words from one of my bosses, “You have 24 hours”. He may be right but I won’t be giving all my time working. And he knows it. THEY know it.

Sometimes joining my friends in drinking and karaoke sessions could momentarily remove the stress away. It is a therapy of sort even there are instances that I found out myself talking to the beer glass when my friends started talking and singing in Japanese. And if they talk about work, well, I couldn’t understand it.

Badminton on weekends also tells me that I am still alive. Indeed. That I am not fully work-occupied. My contract says I should only work 5 times a week. That I can still have the time to enjoy. These are the times when you don’t want Mondays to arrive and the work-sleep routine to take over.

Occasional massage is also good!

My only consolation for working hard this year is the much awaited (already approved) vacation this holiday season. It may be short but that would be enough to rejuvenate my wilting energy. No work-related calls please. (I just found out that I have another business trip as soon as I return to Japan).

The next time I hear ASAP, submit and priority again… I'll take a deep breath, then




  1. good you can have another holiday vacation John after a busy season of ASAP, submit.....:) have a relaxing pause.

  2. Hi Ms Beth, i really wanted to have a vacation ASAP! haha. been loaded with lots of work lately. hope to see you next year! be my tour guide

  3. Hey sir totomai, hope you're doing well despite the stressful ASAPs, submits and priorities. Have fun on your next vacation! :) Try to relax at times too, 'cause too much work and stress is not good.

  4. Thanks Sumi-chan!

    I know. and I am trying. haha my hair's falling faster than a bullet train :-)

  5. off ang phone pag vacation, hehe ^_^

  6. oo dapat! :-) or palitan ang sim haha

  7. Bumawi ka sa bakasyon....


    then, you'll be all set for more work!

  8. always take a breathe ... pause ... chill ... relax ... wooozzaaaa

  9. I hope you find the real sapid parts of the world and you are able to relax there.

  10. Have a good time.. so nice to be here..

  11. i'm glad you will have a holiday

  12. @Anthony, very vital

    @Lisa, hopefully soon

    @Ramesh, I will :-)

    @Zongrik, it's heaven!

  13. Unfortunately, I have only English to express how much I like this poem: very.


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