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While I was finalizing my itinerary for Europe, an idea suddenly popped up – a fashion / model photo shoot. I showed Kat my portfolio and asked her to help me find model(s) who will be interested in posing in front of me. She found a very much willing and interested Kybele. Her portfolio opens with “ “Hi. I’m Kybele and I am awesome” and with that I immediately contacted her and presented the concepts I had in mind. It’ all about COLORS! Her excellent port is consistently on the dark side so I thought it would be a good chance to add some vibrancy. 


inkpot's now empty
colored blood stains forever
a part of one's soul
On my very first day in Copenhagen, not minding the jetlag, we had the photo shoot. Armed with the never-been-used-2-day-old Nikon D7000, I met Kybele at the train station and off we went to the beach. That day was particularly cold and I was feeling guilty of having her wore the sexy-asian dress I brought. She said she was doin’ fine. Secretly, it was I who was shaking!

  kybele 22
posekybele 21 

The first part of the shoot was doing well until the rain started pouring. Kybele maintained her composure and was a real professional. No time was wasted that even the comfort room turned into an instant venue.

  kybele 23kybele13 

As soon as the drizzle stopped, we walked our way to an abandoned building. As we marched towards the next location, I got a chance to know more about Kybele, and how did she get involved with modeling. Quoting her own words.

I never intended to be a model, but about four or five years ago, I met my good friend Thomas. He was specializing in candid and street portraiture, and the pictures he took of me playing with his two children (who are sort of my pseudo-nephews) were some of the very first pictures of myself I actually liked. Two years ago Thomas wanted to get into model photography and I was sort of the only young female in his group of friends, so it seemed natural that I should step in.
  kybele 24
I was shaking, self-conscious and deathly afraid of letting him down at our first real shoot. It was freezing, but we managed to get some OK pictures out at Sydhavnen, an area mainly consisting of docks and industrial warehouses. I have loathed my body my entire life. Modeling has changed that completely. It is wonderful to feel like my body isn’t completely useless; that maybe I’ll never run a marathon, but that I am able to create shapes and feelings and perhaps have an impact on someone once in a while. 
I am very much interested in deserted buildings. And shooting inside it was just pure bliss. She was kind enough to give me instructions to greet the locals who are also inside. I scanned the area and couldn’t help but admire the graffiti and vandals all around. A perfect location.

  kybele 25 

She surprised me with lots of clothing, accessories and stuff. She was well prepared while I, on the other, wrestled with the camera settings. I chose the spots as Kybele enthusiastically flaunted her model persona. She was very serious with the craft but easy to photograph. I think all photographers would like to have a client like hers.

  kybele 26


kybele 19 

She works as a part secretary and part tattoo model at Meatshop Tattoo. That explains her skin arts. Meatshop Tattoo is one of the physically largest tattoo shops in Copenhagen and aims to be a place where people can hang out without necessarily getting tattooed the moment you walk in the door. All tattoos are drawn freehand and we tattoo with both machines and handpoking.

  kybele 27 

It was all natural lighting, as I am not and will never be a fan of flash photography. I made sure she knew it beforehand. She knows what kind of model she is and what field she wants to focus on. And I admire her for that. I hope the 4 hours shoot produced shots that could add flavor and diversity on her already amazing portfolio. Check Kybele on Facebook. On Modelmayhem. On Deviantart

  kybele 29 

 And if someday, I will be given the chance to shoot her again, I’ll do it in a heartbeat.


She’s Kybele. She’s awesome.



  1. She's awesome and the photos you took are great! :) I especially like the floral dress set, graceful and love the soft lighting.. :) The graffiti at the abandoned building is super nice ah! It's a perfect location for the concept you had.. :D

  2. Thanks Sumi! Given the chance, I'll shoot her again :-)

  3. Fabulous photos. I love them all. The model is awesome indeed.

  4. Hi A, thanks for dropping by. Maybe next time we can have a photo shoot too :-)

  5. A great combination of photographer and model.

  6. I also had the chance to shoot with Kybele. When I met her the first time she immediate had my sympathy. She is so filled with life and deep in thoughts. And she is so good in front of a camera. Kybele, any time, any where.

  7. i love those harsh pinks

    mine contrast with yours

  8. Thanks Anthony!

    Hi Poul, that's one of the plus side of Kybele, she speaks her mind and you can learn a thing or two from her

    @Zongrik, thanks!

  9. what a great shoot ... connection between model and photographer always matter

  10. Thanks thirdy and Kay... sana may photoshoot bloggers haha

  11. I love the red hair! I wished to color my hair red someday.haha. :D

  12. @Michy, try lang baka pede hehe

    @Ate kat, hihihi talaga e no lol

  13. Wonderful pics.& beautiful model. I like most one in black & white in grass!

  14. Thanks Harshad, Dash and Morning :-)

  15. and you did an awesome portrait photography John, I am not into people and portraiture, but love it when you said, "I am not into flash photography" and into all natural lighting :) you did them all very well and excellently.

  16. Thanks Ms Beth! Happy New Year!


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