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And they did it. January 19, 2013 starts a new phase in their ever sweet and full of love lives – Moshies as one.  By the way, Moshy is their term of endearment.

bespren 03

two-one winged angels
in hopeful 2013
subscription of love

I’ve only known Caloy from 2007 but it felt that six years of friendship is equivalent to six decades, yes that includes, perhaps, our past lives.  I first met him in Thailand, though we did not work in a same company, we had the same passion for photography.  He was the one who introduced me to world of DSLRs. And I am hated him for that. Kidding, I am thankful.

  bespren 02 

Few months later, he introduced to me his girlfriend, Che, via webcam as she was working in  Italy during that time. Believe it or not, I became close to Che too, whom I call ‘Nay because of her unlimited advices. And yes, we became text mates too. Of course, who could forget the times when our lives revolved on Friendster. It was the easiest way of being in touch with each other.

  bespren 05
If I could pick one unforgettable experience I had with these two, it was the time when Caloy went to Norway after his contract in Thailand ended.  I knew how excited he was as he will be in the same continent as Che, so he planned for a surprise and I was the (unfortunate) accomplice.  He told his family back in the Philippines that he was going home that day but instead he was heading for Norway. Before leaving, he told me that he will contact me in three days and that he will be the one to inform Che as well as his family. I have to keep my mouth shut. Che, not getting used of not receiving any text from Caloy, started sending me text messages. I tried to ignore. She started calling. I ignored. I got drunk to feel less guilty. Haha! Two days later, Caloy gave me a quick call telling me that I can break the news to Che not to worry about him.  He told me that he was just using an officemate’s mobile. I called Che early in the morning (Italy time) and I can still remember how emotional she was. She had to kept her voice low as her roommates were still sleeping.  She called me again later that day, telling me that Dade (Caloy’s father) wanted to talk to me. Whew! That was the longest 3 days of my life. This could have been my speech during the wedding.

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    bespren 09bespren 08   

Seeing your closest friends exchanging I do’s is a gift. Caloy and Che exuded that aura of love, not only during their big day, but they have been carrying it since the day they first saw each other. Everyone inside the church and reception hall must have been inspired by their love story.  Emotions, laughter, tears filled the room – a testament on how they are loved by many.

  bespren 10     

May you be blessed with hundreds little Caloys and Ches and that their bestfriends will be little Totomais.  I know you’ll continue to love each other not only in every corner of your room, but in every place in the world.   

bespren 13 

Congratulations and Best Wishes again Bespren and ‘Nay


  1. "...and that their bestfriends will be little Totomais" - super super like, hehe...congratulations and best wishes caloy and che...mmmwah!! ^_^

    1. siyempre, habang nabubuhay may pag asa haha

    2. That's a great story and a great tribute. Your photogaphy is awesome

  2. hahaha ako rin gusto ko yung line na yan daril.. kaya mai kelan ba? hehehe congrats again che and caloy..

  3. Best wishes to both of them and congratulation sa sinumang makaka bihag ng puso ni Mai hehe.

  4. Beautiful photos and may their love be a life-long subscription :D

  5. What a beautiful tribute to love and friendship, wonderful photos, a gorgeous couple, and you - a loyal and devoted friend. Awesome post! It was impossible to view this and not to smile. :-)

    1. Thanks Josie. my pleasure to share their love story and get every one reading this... inspired :-)

  6. So nice to read a sweet love story! Your photos are amazing - love the one with the balloons!

  7. thank you so much 'nak!!! Thank you for the gift of friendship! sobrang love namin lahat ng pictures mo!!! we love youuuuuuu!

    1. love you too nay and tay haha di na bespren haha

  8. thank you bf :-)(-:next tym ikaw na ha wait naming lahat yun mwahhhhh....

  9. ang ganda ng mga shots mo... mas maganda pa sa.. *shut my mouth*


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