Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Bournemouth Beach was totally foreign to me. I haven’t heard about it prior to my trip to UK until I joined my cousin and her family for a European summer getaway.  We arrived at the beach around 0900H and the beach was not yet crowded, which was good since we were able to find a nice place to spend the rest of the day, sunbathing.  It was approximately an hour's drive from Basingstoke. 


The not-so-crowded beach during early morning made me appreciate its vastness and magnificence.  The line of colored cottages against the golden sand and blue skies is a photographer’s delight. Yes, for most of the day I spent clicking my cameras and trying to capture everything Bournemouth Beach has to offer.


As the sun continued to rise, lots of people trooped down to the beach.  Everyone’s in a rush to take a dip in the blue waters, or to feel the wrath of the sun.  No one cared about it.  Everyone wanted to enjoy a quiet place a few hours ago; now a party atmosphere is building.  After all, Bournemouth was found to be the happiest place in the UK, with 82% of people questioned saying they were happy with their lives.


I attempted to swim but the water’s so cold despite the 31 deg C temperature.  I once fell asleep but each time I am awake, I tried to continue doing what I enjoyed the most – photography. Of course that's after eating all the home-made stuff we brought. Even in photography, one needs energy to keep going.

To those who are into amusement rides, Bournemouth Beach has something for you too.  You can enjoy the sea, the sand and the air, depending on your interests.  There are lots of restaurants , souvenir shops and most importantly available toilets.


As we wanted to avoid the traffic on the way back home, we left the beach at around 1400H, with burnt skins.  And we only stayed there for five hours.


Perhaps next time, if I had the chance to go back again, I can stay until the next morning as there are festivities at night.   



  1. Pretty view, but not as awesome as here in the Philippines, right?

    1. it depends. i like it compared to some of our beaches.

  2. I would love for our water here to reach 31C, our water temperature here is usually only in the low 10s Celsius in the summer, yet, my love for the ocean still makes me fight the cold water which is more terrible than winter air because water saps your body heat so fast :( anyway, beautiful pictures as always John, whenever am at the beach, I always see happy people, and happiest kids for sure! :)

    1. i'm allergic to cold waters lol. two more weeks and i will go to the beach here. will try to swim, last was 2008.

  3. go to love that amusement ride photo... this post is like a travel magazine.

  4. lovely pictures; who isn't happy at the beach?


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