Thursday, April 24, 2014


Seven years. 

Yes, that is seven years of shooting, blogging and distilling thoughts. As you may already know, I started blogging when I was jobless. Since then, I made sure that at least I have one post per month though the number of posts per year dramatically decreases.


Just recently, I launched a PHOETRY, my photoblog. This is a good option in case I am running out of words. But don’t worry, aka distilling thoughts will continue to exist. I still have pending blogs to write but somewhat I find it difficult to gather my thoughts. 

And because of the delayed arrival of my personalized shoes, this is a belated anniversary post. It should have been last March.

blog header 

As long as I have my camera in hand, or even my mobile phone, I have thousand reasons to continue shooting, blogging and distilling thoughts. 



any thoughts to distill?

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