Sunday, February 12, 2017


I attended the wedding of my friend last January in Calatagan, Batangas. Batangas is known for its beautiful beaches. The wedding reception was held in Stilts Caltagan, so for convenience, I booked a room at the said resort for two nights. I stayed at the tree house which was very different and interesting at the same time. And outside of that tree house, the blue waters are always to greet me - have a nice day.


I won't be talking much of the wedding. The video is enough to describe everything. As you know, Philippines is known to be an archipelago with 7,107 islands. That would mean that you can expect gorgeous beaches around the country. Every time I go to the beach, I feel relaxed. The sounds of waves and the sunrise / sunrise are enough for me to know that I exist in this world.


It was a perfect day. The sunset was a bit show-off. The skies was an ideal backdrop to the wedding. As my personal, I don't bring my DSLR camera when attending special occasions. I don't want to miss the event. After all, I still have my mobile phone.


At Day’s End 

Wave at twilight, 
dip mud-caked feet in the creek; 

walk towards the grass-thatched hut, 
squat on the bamboo floor; 

share the coconut wine, 
fireflies waltzing around; 

strum the guitar, 
listen to the applause of rice grains; 

say goodnight to the moon, 
pink skies will arrive for the harvest. 


Ah, sunsets you are giving me hope about the coming tomorrow. My last post was about being jobless at the start of the year. Well, I am still jobless but as long as the sun continues to set and to rise, I will be more than fine.


Yes, I will never get bored with sunsets.


Photos taken with iphone 6s


  1. coconut wine and treehouses and sunsets...phillipines is definitely on my bucket list.

  2. Ah...what a treat!...'applause of rice grains' is such a familiar've left Japan?

    1. not yet. maybe mid-april if i can't find a job.

  3. "Listen to the applause of rice grains"- beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! ❤️

  5. Lovely photos, Totomai. I enjoyed the word glimpses you gave of the day of the wedding.... Nice to see you today!

  6. Applause of rice-grains... what a wonderful celebration to both nature and love.

  7. What a visual feast to accompany your words! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Such gorgeous photography, and I love the imagery of "fireflies waltzing around."

  9. as long as the sun continues to set and rise - I'll be more than fine - your words and photos are inspiring to all in times of difficulties. Thank you for sharing :) I hope you find a job soon.

    1. still keeping my fingers crossed but so far, no clear offers yet

  10. Another wonderful post. Your pictures of the ocean are utterly joyous! And I really enjoyed your poem. You built it with such lovely, evocative layers - I was there ... well for a minute or two. Smiles.

  11. Your photography always excels and delights your readers. We had a feast in Japan and now you can delight us with your own country.

  12. Sounds idyllic! (And I never get tired of sunsets either.)

  13. Luv the animation of your rice grains. And if never heard of coconut wine. But my senses say it must be delicious

    Thanks for dropping by my Sunday Standard

    Much love...


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