Wednesday, August 29, 2018


My three-week vacation is over. I spent 95% of my time at home because it was raining throughout. How did I forget that August is monsoon season in the Philippines. But still, it was still a good break from the 40 deg C temperature in United Arab Emirates. 


During my vacation, I gained 4 kgs. How can I resist my mom's home-cooked meals? For 21 days, I did not visit the gym. I ate, and ate, and ate until I fall asleep. Good times. And in that 21 days, only 2 days were sunny. That's the only time we were able to explore the city and the mountain side.

Duyan is the Filipino term for hammock. It is also a cafe in the Silay City, where the photo was taken.  How I wish the weather was better during my vacation but nature is beyond our control. So instead of regretting, just make the most of it especially if you are with your family and loved ones.

Oh - and I just recently saw the trailer of the movie Edie. It inspires me travel. If workload is a little lighter, I will pack my stuff and travel.


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  1. A wonderful vista from a wonderful cradle.
    At times, life is so wonderfully rich.
    Anna :o]


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