Tuesday, March 13, 2007



If there’s one CD that I won’t trade for anything, it’s definitely Moonpools and Caterpillars’ Lucky Dumpling. The songs are just brilliant (an understatement perhaps?).

Anyway, I first saw the band perform in Sang Linggo Napo Sila way back then. Immediately after listening to their songs, Hear and Soon, I decided to go to a local record shop to purchase their album. I got the copy (just a cassette tape since being a student I don’t have the luxury to spend on something other than school projects and requirements). I wasted no time in playing the tape and I must admit that I had a by-the-airwave-orgasm! The first three songs are killers, Hear, Ren, and Soon. One-word titles that say a lot! I almost stayed all day in my room listening to Kimi’s cherubic voice (she made me forget Dolores of Cranberries and Angie of Frenté). My favorite track was, is, and will be Crazy Old World, the last song on the album. It’s coated with personifications and poetic moments which I really liked. From the chorus --

Mother Wind, whispers to me all I need to know, warm my skin don’t let me worry, keep me straight don’t let me fall. I get tired but it’s the crazy old world that I’ve been made a part of.

Not really my personal anthem but I found it useful in my daily life since I am existing in this crazy, chaotic world.

When I worked in Manila, I brought the tape and let my friends, co-workers listen to their wonderful music. Sometimes, it seemed that I am the band’s manager, selling their music to other people. Until one day, a friend of mine handed me a birthday gift that I will value forever – a Lucky Dumpling CD! He said, while in Tower records, he saw one copy of it and decided to give it to me so I can avoid switching the sides of cassette tape. Thanks Keats!

After two years, I transferred to another company, and made one of my officemate listen to it. She was immediately drawn to their songs and even dropped the idea of buying Alanis’ Under Rug Swept just to have a Lucky Dumpling CD! Unlucky for her, its no longer available in the Philippines. But lucky for her though, when she was assigned in Japan, she was able to purchase the said album from a second hand shop. If I remember it correctly, she kept on listening to the CD for the entire night that made her friend curious about the band. The next day, her friend had also a Lucky Dumpling CD.

A bit morbid but if I die I wanted their song Heaven to be played during my burial. Seriously.

If you see this CD in any music store, don’t hesitate to buy it! Its worth your money.

Recently, my friend from the US (Thanks Ruth!) sent me their sophomore album 12 Songs and it has the same vibe as the debut one. Too bad, they disband so soon.



  1. Hahaha! Guess what I'm listening to now? Hahaha. 6 FT from the 12 Songs Album.

    I love Moonpools to death too thanks to you. When and if I get married gift mo sakin to sing the song SOON and TRAMPLING ROSE for me ha!

    Brilliant post. Made me feel melancholic about that song, kasi it reminds me always of our friendship and our barkadahan at our former university haha.

  2. you're very much welcome. hehe. yeah right, our university. toinks!


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