Sunday, March 11, 2007


When it rains, it pours. I always associate this expression to series of positive outcomes and favorable circumstances. Never thought that I would equate it to succession of worries and woes, until recently.

Health and monetary issues are just few of our family visitors the past few days. Whether to welcome them or not is beyond our control, after all, they arrive in full force and unwilling to accept rejection and dismissal. T’was tough, really tough.

The question, can problems and worries be swept away?, has been popping in and out of my rusty head. It could be a definite yes or no, but I usually have the doubting maybe as an answer.


Clichéd as it may seem but I believe everything really has a purpose. It may not be very clear as of the moment but these precipitates will be separated and discarded sooner than I think. Life has series of examinations and experiments that should be taken fearlessly – whether you are prepared or not.

But then again, can problems and worries be really swept away?



  1. Hell yeah. The "broom" is called Zoloft (generic: Sertraline).

  2. im slowly sweeping them off one by one.

  3. and as one said before "experience (or life) is a bad gives exams before it teaches you what it's all about"...

  4. that was a great input hal05, ill remember that :-)

  5. I'm definitely with your thoughts on this one.

    Right now, I need a very very wide, heavy duty broom and someone with plenty of muscle to wield it.

    Isn't it amazing how a washing machine can manage to break down right at the very moment when money happens to be a major issue. I guess you could call it perfect timing! (I'm trying to keep a warped sense of humour!)

  6. Perhaps not exactly 'swept away', but things do seem to have a way of levelling out. Besides, if you get too engrossed, it'll be you that's swept away.

  7. Totomai,

    Just always think of the moments in your life, of the mornings after the rain. It will give you renewed hope to look forward to.

    Tough times never last.

    This, too, will pass.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  8. excellent post t... and the photo was perfect blend of color and thought... excellent conclusion to your questions though... always think of the uhaul behind the hearse... cant take it w/u....


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