Friday, March 9, 2007



My pen is on a deep slumber and my muse is on an indefinite leave. Perfect. What's left of me then? Nothin' really - I was never a writer and will never be. But to counter this so-called boredom of mostly staying in my room for the past two months, and after receiving a rousing text message from a friend, I decided to at least distill my thoughts for a change. I have a passion in writing - I used to write,and sometimes draft, poems and fragments but not essays and complete yearnings. Words always have their ways to escape when I plan to write one. Hehehe.

As of the moment, my camera is my bestfriend, it gives me satisfaction that I didn't experience before. I mean through its lens, I am exposed to the hidden beauty of certain things. Well, writing provides me a different self-contentment though, as I have to power to be the inventor of scenarios.

Just now, these two friends of mine, my camera and my muse, finally meet and promise to be a great duo for a long time. Well, I hope that in one way or another, they will continue to inspire this one-eyed engineer, especially in his unproductive days of waiting.

Pen + Flash = Distilling Thoughts

The above equation will solely be the guideline for me to keep this page running.



  1. mai!

    Cheers to another one of our writing adventures. I'll be eagerly waiting your beautiful pictures and prose!

  2. hey thanks!

    an adventure that i have to try harder! hehe, but as long as your posts keep on inspiring me, i will continue to write :-)

  3. Oh, very nice - that's one fine combination - each one stirring the other...

  4. 'I was never a writer and will never be' Your writing is just great. Keep up the good work.

  5. i envy you the vision of both the camera and the words.. i have the camera,, but i am scared to use it for some reason... this was an inspiring post... i think i will take my camera out of the box today.....

  6. Camera is one good muse. Keep writing..

    seeds travelling tthrough time

  7. camera and the muse meet again.. you are a writer and always will be!! :)

    Here is my take - I live On...

  8. hey that was good, i hope the muse keeps you busy, as to me your work looks pretty good and it will be a shame if you decide not to play...and let's have a few more pics from behnid the lens..would love to peek. Thanks

  9. Totomai,

    You may not be aware of it, but your outputs as a writer is already rich. Stop worrying or feeling guilty if you take a leave from writing sometimes ~ even engines need to change oil and refueling. You have the passion, and as long as you have it you will write, and you will contenue to grow as writer.

    As a photographer, that's out of question.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

    Post Script:
    Have a great home-coming this March. My Birthday greeting to your mom.

  10. Great blog! Happy almost-Birthday to you! I enjoyed coming here--(you are the first person I've noticed to have one of my favorite books on your list: A Prayer for Owen Meany. A fantastic book.

    Your own writing is fine! And I love my camera, too.

  11. This entry just shows how creative you are, as a writer, as a photographer and as a person. I love the whole concept behind your blog, and even your blog title is well thought of.

    As a noob in both blogging and photography, I find inspiration in Distilling Thoughts. Hope I can grow as a writer/blogger, as a photographer and as a person. Advance happy birthday to your blog and more thoughts to distill. :)

    PS: Followed your awesome blog.

  12. Thank you dude for the welcome. And I hope you will write again. :)


any thoughts to distill?

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