Tuesday, March 27, 2007


An article in Metropolis Magazine on Nokogiri-yama convinced me and my friends to visit the place, as the author describe the place Just like Heaven. Last Golden Week 2006, we went to this 1,300-year-old Buddhist temple. It was a bit far from our place but it was worth the travel. A long queue of pilgrim-of-sort welcomed us, forming their line for an air lift to the holy place. While floating, it seemed for a while that the world is green, the clouds are green, and the very definition of the color green was in front of my eyes.


Between the trees, we stopped on a 30-ft image of Kannon, Buddhist God of Mercy. An enormous image that made me ponder on how it was done. Simply breathtaking!


After a moment of reflection, I gazed towards the azure skies and an overhanging platform waved and seduced me to pay a visit. I found it ironic though that they call it, A Peek to Hell Platform, where you can see the actual scenery and totality of Chiba. It was a bit scary thinking that this platform will eventually fall off.


As usual, we had to save the best for last. From the mountain top, we had prepared our feet for a long trek. Yes, a bit tedious but the excitement continued to build up. Along the way, there are Arhat figures, more or less 1,500 of them. These figures were also created at the same time as the Daibutsu of Nihon-ji. And then, we were there. A 31-meter Buddha under the heavens, being looked up by followers and witnesses. This is tallest Buddha statue in Japan, and was completed in 1783 during the Edo period. It was a fulfilling and an inspirational experience not only for me and my friends, but as well as to all the people who have been there.


One of the many experiences I have in Japan that I will never forget. If ever you will have the chance to visit Japan, don’t forget to include on your itinerary, a visit at Nokogiri-yama, Chiba, Japan.



  1. What delightful pics and fascinating description.


  2. I must agree with Gemma. Fantastic prose, great pics. Enjoyed.

  3. I love the pics they are gorgeous


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