Saturday, April 7, 2007


at days break

Late last year, after my contract in Japan expired and my friend’s vacation from South Korea, we went to Cebu and Bohol for a much needed break after toiling in front of the computer for years. It was my second time to visit Cebu (I was in Cebu more than a decade ago), for her it was the first. I arrived via Bacolod and she from Manila.


Cebu was almost foreign to us so we resorted to the maximum usage of our tongues. It wasn’t easy but it was fun. Looking for a cheap apartelle wasn’t challenging enough since the cab driver did the work. Unlucky for us though the place had some not-so-pleasing inhabitants (read: ipis, daga). Thinking that we won’t be staying long, we settled for it.


We went to The Basilica and Magellan’s Cross. Being in the busy city was a much better option that to stay in the apartelle. And before I forget, we just ate and ate – from Ayala Cebu to every street we passed by. No exaggeration.


Early morning, we went to the pier to take the ferry to Bohol. I hate boats. I hate waves so staying up the night before helped me a lot. When I woke up, it’s already Bohol. We took a van, yes a van for the two of us, and just followed the itinerary. Seeing places you often see in postcards made you realize that they really exist after all. The Chocolate Hills and the Loboc River were just few of the spectacular landscapes.


After the trip, we went to Panglao Island to rest. Witnessing the sunset and sunrise on this island was truly mesmerizing and enchanting at the same time. The unfolding events were coupled with poetic moments that were inspiring enough to hold your pen and draft a poem or two.

Of course, it has to end. But it was really a good and wonderful experience. It was Paradise. Kindly check keepsakes from the trip for the photos.



  1. mai!

    sorry been busy adjusting! wow i love that trip! at ang mga pics natin ha! hehe

    kelan kaya mauulit?
    i miss you, bespren :P

  2. malapit na. sagot mo kasi ikaw lang may work hehe


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