Monday, April 9, 2007


Wow. What a way to start the day. Voices collided on air about unresolved issues since time immemorial. My uncle went to our house to get his share of the harvest. As he just came back from Iloilo, he reported to my mother and my aunt (his sisters) regarding the situation of their “small property”. It’s been always like this and I hate listening to money, land, tenant and harvest discussions. The exact and real scenario is always difficult to see since the supporting details are always blurry. Who is responsible? Who will pay this and that? My grandparents, an uncle and an aunt of mine are already gone but still no definite answers seem to appear. I am afraid that more chaos and misunderstanding will take place once only the second generation is left.


As these discussions continued, and thinking they will end after an hour or two, I went out of my room and directly jailed myself in the shower. It was good after all as I can only hear the whispers of the water. Though bordering in a deafening silence mood, I was easily comfortable. I was even able to recall the time when I told my mom that once I get a 7-digit monthly salary, she need not to worry anymore hehehe. How I wish I could land a job anytime soon. I just want to help my family so they can divert their attention to this never-ending-irresolvable problem.

The last drip of the water from my skin signaled that I have to get out of this temporary isolation. I find it funny that after their arguments; they always end up good and cool with each other. Why do I have to take notice of it if this is just a flashback of sort?

Well, I do hope this won’t be my wake up call again. Or else – where’s my gun? LOL.



  1. I know, I know. A typical, classic scenario in our country among families. Grrr! I always hated it and don't want to get involved to such a mess.

    It's instinctive for me to shield my family, my mother from harsh things like this.

    Sometimes it's really better that I am away so I would not hear it.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  2. 'Tis the way of families - at times.

  3. I'm quite sure it's frustrating and equally sure that you need/ed the escape, if only into the shower.

    Some things never change.


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