Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Scanning through the leaves of my poetry notebook this afternoon left me melancholic. I think I am conceding to the fact that I will never be able to scribe one decent poem anymore. It is a saddening reality, I haven’t written one for more than two years already. Four years ago or so, ideas and stories were pouring continuously, I can even draft while sleeping but now, I can only wish even a drizzle of them. My muse has abandoned me definitely.


Poetry. There are different styles and forms of poetry. Certain rules are even set by poetry scholars that need to be followed religiously so to speak – the meters, the rhythm, the stresses, the standards of Metrical Poetry. I was never attracted to it, anyway. I am more into Free Verse / Non-metrical Poetry – a form that you need not worry about the syllabic stresses, rhymes and total number of words per lines. Talking about being impatient. Hehehe.

Reading these poems once again made me realize how much I miss writing, it was a sort of walking-down-the memory-lane moment. Guess, I had written enough and they were not set to any poetic standards but just on my own satisfaction.

Saccharine-filled love poems. It is a part of growing up and I was not exempted to write down my share to these eternal love clichés.

Full Moon was included in our University Literary Publication.
3 Days with Betsy Faye
Senses of my Heart

Recognized. A couple of my poems was published in Reading Divas. It felt good even no monetary reward was involved.
Discovering My Sister, Gretel
Kitchen Señora

Another one also won 3rd place in a poetry competition in cyberworld. Sorry, I can’t remember the sponsoring group as well as the criteria but I represented my poetry group Poetic Haven.

The Price of Tears

Personalized. They are the special ones. Can be a tribute to a family and friends and yes, even to heartbreaks.

Japanese Doll
In Her Wedding Dress

Uncalculated. Anything. Anyone. Anywhere.

Lab Life
Bus Ride
At Day’s End
Madonna and Child
Dream House
The Boatwoman

Beyond Darkness. Death. Angst. My pen’s favorite subject.

Ghost Singer
Little Leah’s Leis
Lament of A Rubber Tree
Room for Rent
Scars of War Children
Bless Me Father Enrique

Perhaps my muse is very tired and presently on a well-deserved vacation.

My ink is waiting. Patiently waiting.



  1. Moving pieces, compelling thoughts. You are a prolefic writer/poet. Great collection! This could be an anthology book of your poetry. And the title "Scribe" is perfect. I am struck particularly by one piece: Hammock you wrote for your mother. I also thought it is the best metaphor. In fact, I also wrote a poem entitled Duyan/Hammock when I was younger. Here's an excerpt from that poem I'm trying to locate where I kept.

    "Patiently it waits.
    Solace to my tired soul.
    Forever swaying,
    Yet still.

    This silent thing of entwined strings.
    I often hear it sings..."

    Got to find it. Thanks to this poem for reminding me.

    I wish you well ~ Jeques

  2. @ Jeques, hello. thanks for the kind words. those were the days hehe. i miss writing poems though.

    yes, that's one of my favorite poems too. and yours is a lovely one!

    lol, how i wish i can write a book hehe thanks

  3. I have not been writing complete poems lately, too. Only drafts and my output is meager than I use to do. But I have ideas I'm still cooking inside my mind. I will write them dowm when they are ready to be served.

    I wish you well ~ Jeques

  4. dont forget to save drafts of your poems and ideas. i regretted to lost two personal poems. aaaaaaaa!

    well, i used to join poetry groups before and most of my poems are written on the site. and it crashed. the poems were "While Beating the Eggs" and "Hard Hat"


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