Saturday, March 17, 2007


I must admit that right now I am addicted with Flickr, and of course it means, I am obsessed with photography. But I still think that my first love is poetry. Too bad, my muse is on vacation and I just have to wait for her return.

I am no professional photographer, just an ordinary guy, taking pictures of people, places or whatever that I find pleasing to my eyes. Oops, I mean, eye. Haha! I am using a casio exilim camera, a point-and-shoot one, trying to experiment its features and capabilitlies. In the course of experimentation, I have some satisfying and not-so-satisfying results. When taking pictures, I usually imagine whether this photo can exude some poetic aura to the viewers. Just linking back my first love --- poetry.

Last July 2006 someone introduced me to the Flickr site and eventually it has been my internet addiction. I tried to join some groups but I have to be honest, I found my photos to be very amateur. I just can’t help but be in awe to the series of pictures flashing before my eyes. Wow, sometimes I think, do I have to change my camera to more advance ones? But since its all about self –satisfaction and hobby, I decided not to. (But the real reason is more on the financial aspect, haha!). As they say, you can’t really please everybody, right?

I haven't appreciated photographs taken by other photo enthusiasts before, but now, its like a new world to me. There are different ways of attacking a certain subject, no matter how worn out it may be, can still be showed or presented uniquely.

This is the most popular photo I have in Flickr.


It has been viewed, commented and faved many times by other photographers. It received some awards too. I am very thankful for all who visited my photo stream.

I think I have Flickritis.



  1. Did you use any filters with this one? What camera did you use? This is a crazy-good type of shot, man. Pwedeng cover ng cofee table book/ Japan tourism brochure. :p

  2. hi benj, thanks for the kind words. naks, im just using a Casio Casio Exilim EX-Z40 . if i remember correctly, i used the sunset mode of my camera. it was an early afternoon shot and i thought it would be overexposed since the camera was directed to the skies. thanks again.

  3. wow! that is just so pretty!! :)


  4. It is a lovely combination of reds and blues - nice how we get to view it from below.

  5. Oh, what a beautiful flower, I like a lot!

  6. i love your flowers, very vibrant indeed.

    my entry

  7. lovely flowers, i love its color.

  8. It's really a lovely picture!

  9. What a wonderful colour combination !

  10. I love this photo, you have it beautifully composed and those flowers are a delight to the eye. Thanks for sharing them. I look forward to coming back and reading your poetry.

  11. A lovely composition! Thanks for sharing your photo.

  12. lovely colors! very vivid! beautiful shots!

  13. A very Japanese effect in your photo, nice shot.

  14. Wonderful post!
    Marvelous flowers!
    Thanks for posting for TODAY'S FLOWERS!


  15. Lovely flowers and good shot.


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