Monday, April 30, 2007


hazel 1

One aspect of photography that I would like to focus in the future is the glamour/fashion photography. I find it challenging on how to capture the right expression of the models; how their auras would reflect on prints. But since my point and shoot camera has its limitation especially during night scenes, I’ll try to save enough money first to buy a camera that can give satisfying results. Yeah right, I sometimes hate my camera when I attempt taking portraits.

kat 3

Earlier this year, my friend JC scheduled a glamour photo shoot. But due to an emergency, he wasn’t able to come so he instructed Jepoy to continue the shoot. These models will pose for free since they need new pictures for their portfolios. Four models for four photographers. I thought photo shoots are easy to do, but I was wrong. Waiting for the models to change wardrobes is taking a lot of time, as well as transferring from one location to another. My companions were equipped with DSLR cameras while I sported a credit card-sized camera. Hehe. But hey, I enjoyed every minute of it. At least I was still given the chance to try glamour shots!

mharz 3

Among the models, Kat is the most experienced. She appeared in billboards such as Globe and Chippy, and not only in the Philippines but in other Asian Countries too. She’s cool, very relaxed and knows how to play with the camera. Her sister, Hazel is my favorite model. Maybe because I am new in photography and she is new in modeling – being a neophyte in our respective fields was the common denominator. Next one, Abby is the tallest among the four – taller than me too. She has the Filipina features that make her stand out. She just recently won an FTV fashion show. Mharz was also a participant on the said fashion show. She is friendly and exudes a seductive aura during the lingerie shoot.

abby 4

It was very tiring but it was quite fulfilling. Oh, before I forget, the Ferrari and Lamborghini cars are just awesome. Really, they are.



  1. Wow, great opportunity for you! :)

    Yeah i also want an SLR. Hehe to be honest, your picture on this post is not one of your best, but it is still good.

    Some points why I'm not as amused as your other pics:

    - well the model showed no expression. I'm not sure if she's happy with the car or not... really doesn't show anything.
    - background didn't work. If the girl is modeling for the car, the "insides" of the car should be visible.. like yung manubela. If you're not focusing on the background, it would be better if you focus on the girl's face and blur the background (but i understand this might not be doable in your camera).
    - blurry legs

    No offense meant totomai :) I just believe you can do better ;)

    Btw, your picture in your header seems... phallic. Hehe


  2. @geo wow, i liked that comment. been struggling with portrait shots, hehe. the blurry legs are intentional, she's poker-faced i assumed, lol.

    no problem, photography is a learning process after all. by the way, have you checked her/other models' photos?

    about the pic in the header, i was playing with the anthurium and i kinda like it. hehe

    thanks a lot. really appreciate it


  3. Wow, Tyra Banks left you a comment? cool!

  4. lol @benj he raises good points actually ;-)

  5. @Benj - I'm not looking for a fight. I did it to help him grow. But nah, I don't blame you... do atheists really think negatively about other people like that? Because as a Christian, I do believe that everyone has good intentions. (Just trying to change your perspective)

    @totomai - Glad you took it as a man. =) I was afraid to post that first as it might sound harsh especially from a stranger. I'll show you some of my pics some time.. I'm still preparing my flickr account.

  6. c'mon guys. it all cool, right?

    @geo its all fine, your critique to my photo is not offensive. you should create your flickr account soon :-)

  7. Yup it's all cool =)

    Btw, I checked the model's other photos. I really don't like her. lol. So it's not your fault in the first place. ;)

  8. @geo its her first time, so its quite understandable :-) other models are more comfortable. but hey, i like her she's cheerful and friendly. hehe

  9. when I typed my comment, I was clearly going for something humorous. I didn't know being called Tyra Banks is now an insult 'round these places - at nag whole sale bashing of atheism pa!

    If you really had to ask those questions then you truly are as dumb as most christians are.

  10. Well I don't know everything that's why I asked.

    I know you are a good writer, intelligent, great debater, and probably one of the best in your med school.. so pardon me if I don't find your comment here funny, and pardon me if I commented negatively on your previous post as I disagree on some of your thoughts.

    At least Totomai is man enough to accept criticisms on his posts; unlike you who reacts by calling people dumb, retard, or the like when someone gives a criticism on his posts.

  11. hi john, hopefully you get your DSLR soon, i have one but frankly speaking i still use it as point and shoot since i still could not find myself set the time to study the features since i just have so many interests and i am confused :). but still, i like it better than my old camera since i can have a series of multiple shots in a matter of second, and i think even if i still use it as point and shoot it performs better for up-close pics like portrait. so yeah, wish you very well on getting one.

  12. @ms beth, hi ms beth, im pretty pumped up. 3 days to go and ill have my nikon d80 hehe. ginsuptan ko gid ni


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