Sunday, April 29, 2007


Last April 19, one of my college friends tied the knot. Weddings are oftentimes defined as the bride’s day – this is the reason why I only had the candid shot of my friend for this entry.


It was a unique one. The first wedding I attended where the colors black and brown were the motif, strange to see the sponsors and the guests wearing these hues. Hehe. I thought this was a good strategy to highlight the bride who is in a white gown, its her way of saying, hey, its my day!

Meeting old friends and classmate on an occasion like this is an added bonus. You can talk about the past while waiting for the dinner to be served. Its always good to meet and get updated about what’s happening to your buddies.

But most importantly, this is my simple way of saying Congratulations and Best Wishes to you Peace and your husband, Pastor Edward.



  1. hi john!! thank you gid for the uhh... spotlight? hehehe. ka nami sang imo nga photo, galing ka law-ay sang imo nga model, especially ang iya nga pose. eew! lol. dugay na ko wla naka internet ba... i mean, as in maka sit down gid for so long to post, write, reply to messages, etc. we just got back yesterday and i'm glad to be home to relax. hehe. weee!! i'm online again! :-)

  2. @peace congrats again. hehehe. gwapa lang gid model ko po. hehe.

  3. Very special, and what a beautiful picture!

  4. A nice, feelgood post, that.
    Beautiful picture.

  5. it is the photographs that capture the memories. Thanks for sharing yours! She's beautiful!

  6. Lovely words and a beautiful picture.

  7. What a delightful pic and loved the accompanying comments!

  8. I think the black and brown theme is a great idea. Great shot. Congratulations to your friends.

  9. Beautiful image and added bonus to hear from the bride. :-)

  10. totomai...beautiful photo of the bridge... is this the couple you shared photos with awhile back??... also like the new blog!!


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