Friday, April 27, 2007



Boracay Island. My college friends invited me to accompany them to Boracay, a week after the Holy Week to relax and talk about our college as well as our present lives. Sort of recollection isn’t it? But don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining since it’s an all expenses paid trip. Hehe.


After hearing this escapade, I kept on thinking that this would also be a great opportunity to take photos of this paradise and upload them on my Flickr account. Hmm, I believed that it took us 7 hours of travel from Bacolod City to Boracay. It was a boring one since sitting on a bus for 6 hours was not funny after all.


We wasted no time in exploring the island as we were welcomed by the sunset and the ripples. It was a good place I thought – good place to take photos hehehe. Our stay wasn’t really smooth-sailing, there were certain instances where we almost had a fight with the locals there. The eat-all-you-can dinner set-up was always a treat for us – too bad it’s only for 3 hours. The crystal cove is an amazing natural treasure, the banana ride is a breather, the snorkeling area is a visual feast and sunset is truly a mesmerizing experience.


Well, I will grab this chance to say thank you to my friends for this treat (you know who you are). I hope this experience will serve as a prelude to the next step I am about to take regarding my profession. Hehe. Fingers-crossed.


Other photos. Boracay Island thru my camera’s lens.



  1. Ok... Here's the deal. I know you were a good photographer, but I had no idea you were THAT good.

    Man, those photos from Boracay are just...


  2. anyway, I just blogged about you.

  3. benj! thanks for leading me to totomai's site. really beautiful pictures! how do you achieve that almost painterly quality to your images? galing! adding you to my blogroll, okay? :)

  4. Nice picture =) You used the strategy of Negative Space.

    Hope you can teach some photography techniques here as well

  5. @benj thanks uli. pag maganda na camera ko pwede na kita kunan ng portrait hehe

    @gibbs thanks for visiting my site. just love taking pictures... as much as possible i wanted to have a different approach on common subjects

    @TPB hehe aliw ang icon mo, nagalaw. thanks din

    im_geoi still consider myself as a newbie in photography so im not that confident to teach some techniques yet. especially im just using a point and shoot camera. hehe. thanks for visiting

  6. by the way here's the link to benj’s blog

  7. we enjoyed having you with us totomai!!!sana maulit muli, palawan naman..:))

  8. @mamang, oo ba, sana maulit muli. sa palawan di pa kasi ako nakapunta dun. asus, ngaa nagtagalog man ko ya man hehe

  9. Lovely photographs of the island! They could be in the glossy pages of a travel magazine. Boracay pictures occupy large space in my scrapbooks. They are picture clips from magazines, and I have to mention that your collection are much better compared to most of those taken by professional photographers. You just have a natural eye for the best angle and light. Just looking at them makes me feel like I'm there. Maybe in my next visit to boracay, I should take pictures myself, too. The pictures you shared here are just so inspiring.

    I wish you well ~ Jeques

  10. thanks for the kind words Jeques. It was my first time last summer and i had to take advantage of the place.

    i am humbled by your words. thanks.


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