Saturday, May 5, 2007


Thousands of photos are being uploaded on Flickr everyday. And I am very humbled to be again showcased on its Explore Page. I know that being on the explore page does not mean that my photographs are superior to other Flickr members; I consider this as a reason to further improve my craft in this field. It can’t be denied that I love taking pictures but I want to show them in a not-so-common way. I wanted each of my photos to be unique, to be fresh.

I only brought one Japanese doll from Japan, and she’s been one of my most photogenic models. Check her showing-off at sayuri set. One of her latest photo scored a space at Explore Page. Here’s the screen shot to it.


I think it would not be possible to achieve this without the support of my friends in Flickr community. They as well as their photos continue to inspire me and slowly mold me to as a decent photographer. I really appreciate all their help and words of encouragement.

As long as my camera’s batteries are charged, I’ll be taking snapshots even of the most common things.

Thanks. Domo Arigato. Salamat.



Thanks to doctony for the screen shot.


  1. Dude, pareho tayo, kahit ubos na ang battery ng digicam ko, pipilitin ko pa rin kumuha ng snapshots of everything in sight. Haha!

    Kahit camera phone di ko na pinatawad. :D

    I wish I had your eye though. Your images are just magical. There's something really refreshing about them.

    I uploaded a new video by the way. Check it out. :)


  2. @coy hi coy, sorry been busy today. ill make sure to check it tomorrow.

    thanks for your kind words. lol, you wouldn't like my eye. its defective. hehehe

  3. Hahaha I also use my camera phone when I need to... I don't always bring my camera, you see. :) What more if I buy a big SLR..

    @totomai - yes you have a good eye. Just don't take it literally if you really insist they are defective. lol.

  4. @geo been planning to make an entry about my eye lol but i guess its pretty obvious already in my subheader lol

  5. One eyed, seriously - or di ka marunong mag bilang? hehe

    So two heads are better than one. Ergo, four eyes are better than two.

    Pero sa pictures na kinukuha mo, 1 eye is better than four.

    Hehehe. Did you leave your engineering thingie for photography?

  6. @benj lol, di ko iniwan yung pagiging "engr" ko. i just needed a break after being a slave in the land of the rising sun.

    but don't worry, i am about to make an entry about it. lol. im just waiting for the final step. fingers-crossed.

    photography is just a hobby - not a new career. ang pangit naman pag may mga photo shoot bitbit ko point and shoot camera lang hehehe

    btw, i liked the pic in your galera entry

  7. I didn't notice that "one-eyed engineer" on your header. Hehe

    Just remember, Jesus loves you. =)

  8. @geo you didnt notice it and you have four eyes? lol

  9. Lol. I used to have 4 eyes. Now I'm on contacts. =)

    Well, I did read the one-eyed engineer, but I didn't give too much attention to it. Like, I didn't take it literally.. haha

  10. @geo well, sometimes you have to take things literally. lol


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