Monday, May 7, 2007



Summer’s been torturing the Philippines right now. But this is not the reason why I decided to write something about one of my addictions. I just love drinking coca-cola. My meal wouldn’t be complete without an ice-cold Coke. It’s not an exaggeration, and since I always woke up 30-minutes before noon, I can have a glass or two of it without my mother complaining. So far, my medical examination results show that my sugar level is perfectly normal.

I do drink Pepsi too, but there’s something in Coke that I can’t convert in words. It must be the effervescence. Hehehe. As far as I can remember, I have been drinking it from the time it costs 0.85 cents per solo bottle. Now, I don’t really care about solo or regular-sized Cokes, I prefer 1.5 liter.

Actually I tried to control my craving for it but I often fail. See, I can’t finish my lunch and dinner if without coke. Anyway, I want my coke whether its summer, autumn, spring, winter or rainy days! It’s the only one that can quench my thirst.

Coke is it! Indeed.



  1. Pareho tayo. When Im at Manila, I down coke/pepsi by the 1.5 liter bottle for every meal. Hahaha.

    I remember buying Coke for 5 pesos back in elementary - 8 during high school.

  2. @benj lumalabas na ang edad ko sa reply mo. hehe 5 pesos? samantala sa aking panahon wala pang piso

  3. When I was young, I loved Coke. I can even remember collecting POG; I can also remember stealing tanzans to get freebies.

    Is that the small coke collectible figures you have on your pic? Wow, I used to have those.. but I lost it. =(

    Hehe.. I can imagine taking a picture of a cold "sweaty" Coke bottle. I'd use Macro to give an effect.

    Btw, I don't drink Coke now.. I just drink Iced Tea, Juice, or the like. Health reasons. =P

  4. @geo yup they are the coke collectibles way way back. i also have the mini-trucks. took some photos of it.

    you dont drink coke now? why oh why! lol

    the photo taken was in macro mode of a point and shoot camera. lol. i dont know but sometimes i dont want to learn photography in a learning institution - i believe they will alter my uniqueness. lol.

  5. 85 cents?? hehe. akala ko magsing-edad tayo. kuya pala kita. hehehe..

    ako mas gusto ko ang pepsi. kahit pa magkaroon ulit ng 349 scam hehe..

  6. @aajao 29 pa lang ako hehe. pero 0.85 cents talaga yun kasi may tindahan kami hehe. thanks sa pagdaan

  7. 85 cents? seriously? haha.. hindi ko na naabutan 'yun.

    hindi ba't coke din ang laman ng collectibles na yan?

  8. mykel di ko pa nasubukan inumin yun e hehehe


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