Tuesday, May 8, 2007



I think my brain’s pretty rusty. Its been five months since I temporarily free it from calculations and analysis. I NEEDED A BREAK. I wanted a life that’s pressure-free -- no deadlines, no assignments and no presentations. During these months, I did nothing but to take photos of anything, anyone and anywhere. It was a worthwhile activity for the time being.

I am into Process Design. I am enjoying this field and never find it boring – too much pressure is involved. And since taking photos wouldn’t provide our daily needs, I tried applying online once again. I think my résumé is good enough. I have been entertaining and answering a lot of technical interviews. Each interview is quite repetitive which gives me the idea to record the possible answers that may arise. Of course, it’s impossible. Hehehe.

Anyway, after my mouth dried up, one company decided to enslave me. Well, I am hired as a Process Design Engineer (same position as my previous job) by this company. One of the considerations I made is that it should be near the Philippines so I can go home immediately in case there’s an emergency. And being the eldest son, it’s my responsibility to be near them. LOL. Not that very near though. I’ll be mobilized here. It is a one-year contract. I’ll leave this Friday.

Having a new job though would mean less photo sessions and perhaps blogging. But I have to deal with it. I need money. My palms were denied of it for number of months.

But wait, I heard it's one of the most photogenic countries? Ssshhh.

Good luck to me! Keep you updated guys.



  1. Mag ingat ka dun ha, maraming may AIDS dun... Of course Im assuming that you don't have it yet.

    Congratulations on your new job! You owe us a going away party! kelan? hahaha

  2. Thailand! Great place, nice scenery, and great food. Are you staying in Bangkok?

    Hahaha.. please bring your camera on Mondays. You'll be surprised to see YELLOW.

    Oh, and congratulations on your new job. I'm still working with my one and only company, P&G. I think I'll stay here, build my own family and business, then I can retire on 45. =)

  3. Sir, may YM ka? Or are you too cool for that? hehe

  4. @benj lol, most of my friends say that - about AIDS in Thai. hehe, dont worry im still free from it. Nakapasa pa sa medical e. hehe.

    YM? sa akin ba ang tanong o kay geo? hehe. kung sa akin - its jcv_martinez

    @geo i must resist photography. lol. i have to work hard. first. hehe. thanks for the tip. aren't you 45 yet? lol

  5. congrats 'mai!!!
    see you in bangkok by the end of june!!!

  6. totomai, tama ako! :D ingat dun and don't forget to take pictures of Martina if she decides to play there. hahaha...

    Congratulations and good luck!

  7. @jess, sige inform mo lang ako kung andun ka na. kaso medyo malayo ako sa bangkok hehe

    @mykel pati video pa kung lalaro si hingis hehehe. salamat

  8. beautiful pics. and thailand? wow!

  9. @totomai. I'm still 20! =P But turning 21 this July. And seriously, Mondays are YELLOW days. hahaha

    And yeah I am cool, but I think Mr. Espina is asking for your YM. =P

    Lastly, try not to publicly mention your YM. Some people who can get your IP address can hack your account. =D

  10. @aryo thanks. yup, thailand hehe

    @geo okay, ill remember that. ill wear yellow briefs on mondays there hehe


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