Thursday, May 10, 2007


I am not ashamed to admit that I’m a certified mama’s boy. Until now, my mother still treats me and my brother like four-year-olds. I can’t blame her for that actually. Well, her life actually begins at 40 (read it as it is please) – she gave birth to the most handsome child (ahemm – that’s me, LOL).

Like most of you who claimed that your mother is the best mother in the world, I think it is also but fair to proclaim that my mother is the best too. I can even nominate her for Ulirang Ina awards. I need not elaborate her sacrifices for our family – a soap opera plot would pale in comparison.

During her 70th birthday, I wrote a poem for her. A testimonial how I appreciate her love and I vow to be there for her no matter what. She was and is my hammock and in return I am her hammock. Talking about mothers always make me emotional. Seeing her in tears at the airport yesterday is truly heartbreaking. I hope my hugs are enough to assure her that I will be completely fine. I love her and she knows it.


Happy Mothers' Day ‘Ma.



Just an early entry for Sunday’s Celebration. Sorry for this saccharine-induced blog.


  1. Awww.. I'm also a mama's boy but my mama chose to go back to Cebu 2 years ago (leaving me alone here). But I guess it helped me become more independent.

    Nice effects on your hammocks pic.

  2. Happy Mothers' Day to your Mom! Tell her its from Benj. lol.

    You were born when your mom was 40? Congrats! You beat the odds! :)

  3. Man, that hammock pic just pierced me . It radiates a lot of emotions. How intense. Happy mother's day to your mom. :D

    I'll be doing a vlog for Ma this Sunday. :) Got a new vid rin pala pare. :)

  4. @geo thanks. its called orton technique. i kind love this style. lol. now take a break and spend time with your mom this Sunday

    @benj my mom says benj who? hehehe thanks. yup she was 40 when she had me, and 2 yrs later she had my brother. lol. tell your mom, happy mothers' day too from totomai haha

    @coy thanks, happy mothers' day to your mom too. heading to your blog site now.

  5. That's cheesy. Hehe. But the girl in me is saying awww. Happy Mother's Day to your mom. :)

  6. @poytee guys can be cheesy sometimes too. lol

  7. im not really a mama's girl but being the youngest i know i have a soft spot in my mama's heart as compared to my siblings..she's not the malambing type but we do respect her a lot..actually i couldnt imagine what will happen to us if the time comes na iiwan nya na kami like our father who passed away 2 years ago..that's why habang andito sa tabi namin we always make sure na she's happy and everything is provided for her..we owe that to our mothers,di ba?..:))

  8. @mamang, thanks for reading my blogs. really appreciate it.

    hehe, oo, mahal na mahal ko si mama hehehe

  9. I am a mama's boy, too. Being the youngest in the family obviously made me her favorite child - even if she denies it many times trying to be neutral to her children. I have written pieces as tribute to my mother, but had never shown them to her. I felt like they are still works in progress. My mother deserve a book.

    I wish you well ~ Jeques

  10. hehe, in my case, im the eldest. yes, each of our mothers deserve a book. hay, if only i could write

  11. Toto, Big things start from little things. Your piece: Hammock could be a start of a book for your mother. I will post soon the piece I have started for my mother. I have never given up the idea that I can write a book for her honor.
    I hope this will inspire you to write. You can if you will.

    I wish you well ~ Jeques

  12. thanks Jeques, hopefully i can. been very busy the past days. whew!


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