Friday, May 11, 2007


Okay, please don’t get tired with my articles about photography. I was just killing time here in the hotel so I decided to make an entry about my photos that in one way or another has been blogged by Flickr groups. This was after I was informed that my photo was chosen as one of the three photos from this thread. Here’s the link. From the administrators of The World Through My Eyes

Congratulations totomai! This beautiful sunset is from the Philippines as this boat island hops around Boracay Island
. This looks like a wonderful shot in paradise! Looks like you had a great time. Take a look at the slideshow of his set for more gorgeous shots from that trip.

Cool, they even showcased all my photos in Boracay thru a slideshow. Thanks!

I just realized that most of my sunrise/sunset photos are recognized by the Flickr community. Last November 2006, Karma Group honored two of photos as Photo of the Day in a matter of one week. Boatman and At Day’s Break were blogged here.

So if you want to witness breathtaking sunsets and sunrises, pack your things and visit the Philippines.


Since the hotel is planning to take their DSL connections, I’ll focus first on blogged sunset/sunrise photos. Hehe.


  1. MY EYEZZZZ!!!

    Haha, nasilaw ako dun ah. But it started looking real good once my eyes recovered from the brightness. Aga mo nagising nung araw na yun ah. hehe

  2. I only have but one word for this photo: MAGICAL. Great shot :)

  3. It's a good thing you have good shots of the Philippines. In that small way, you're contributing to tourism. Hehe


  4. Man, I need to go to the beach before it gets rainy again. As usual, wonderful photos. Mag-iipon ako for a new digicam after I graduate dahil inggit ako sa pictures mo. Hehe.

    How was elections for you? Sana may shots ka rin on how crazy elections are here in the Philippines. "The other side" of beautiful Pilipinas. :D

    Belated happy mom's day.


  5. @benj malamang maaga ka rin nagising ng araw na yun. hehehe. musta na mata mo? lol

    @ellen thanks.

    @geo lol. ive been promoting philippines in flickr haha

    @coy hehe, wala ako sa amin ng elections. bad trip nga dito pa rin ako manila. bili ka na digicam pandagdag sa vlog mo. salamat

  6. hehe. any suggestions sa digicam na maganda and cheap na rin? got a new vid nga pala. about mom. :D

  7. @coy hehe, daan ko yan ang blog mo uli ayusin ko lang mga dapat kong ayusin dito. kelangan yan ng concentration. lol.

    ano bang gusto mo na cam? handy o mala-photgrapher talaga hehe


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