Tuesday, May 15, 2007



I was scheduled for Thailand last Friday but due to some unknown interventions, it was moved to a not-so-specific date. I’m wishing it would be soon though as I can’t stay longer here in Metro Manila. Or I’ll go crazy. I went here in an instant after being informed last May 7 that I will be mobilized come May 11. I stayed in a hotel for 3 days but moved to my friend’s place after my flight’s cancellation.

Well, I just can’t go home yet to Bacolod City as I have lots of important things to do. Have a lot of papers to sign, as you know, the embassy just adds gazillion of documents to submit before they will finally give the much-needed stamp! Grrr. Got to have medical clearance too. I just don’t like the idea of running and jumping naked in front of the physician. LOL. But what can I do? It is a requirement. From blood tests, dental check-up, stool examinations and the never-ending psychological exams. I think I have taken the last exam a hundred times already with the same questions and varying answers of course. Haha.

Anyway, I missed two events while staying here in Makati and isolating myself from my friend’s place – Mothers’ Day Celebration and Election Day. I called my Mom last Sunday and the first words she uttered may pera ka pa ba diyan? She said that even before saying thank you! A lunch or dinner with our family would have been a great way to celebrate her day. Oh well. About the election, I couldn’t care less of who will win but at least I should have voted for XXX. Haha! My brother told me that my name is still on the voter’s list. I will never know if somebody voted for me.

This entry may be senseless but I just have to express my current state of mind. Time is gold. The clock is ticking very fast. The status will be known by tomorrow, its too expensive to stay here. I can go either way – to Thailand or Bacolod.



  1. tick tock tick tock
    time is running out. :P

    Haha hope you'll be happy whatever your decision is. But just pray to God and He'll give you an answer. :)

    Again, cool pic.

    Btw, you should have exercised your right to vote :(

  2. You could've at least treated me to a cup of coffee! lolololol.

  3. And yes you should've voted! Your single vote was easily worth the plane ticket's price and the stress of traveling!

    Jeez, some people don't even understand the concept of "geographical barriers".

  4. @geo lol, time is running out. haha, a pawnshop slogan. anyways, thanks.

    @benj well, i've been voting for XXX for the longest time. i dont drink coffee. haha. but you could've treated me with ice cold coke!

  5. yeah, laging nadadaya si XXX. Lagi ko rin sya binoboto. Pero this election, si NOTHING FOLLOWS naman. hehe

  6. @benj magiging presidente din natin sila balang araw lol


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