Monday, May 21, 2007


I miss sashimi. It’s definitely my favorite food. I can sit all day savoring the rawness of thinly-sliced salmon, tuna, shrimp, squid, octopus, and crab meat among others. Some of my friends never showed an interest in eating sashimi at all because they said they can’t imagine eating un-cooked seafoods.


Partnered with wasabi, soy sauce and beer – a mouth-watering moment! Just this afternoon, my friend (a former officemate) invited me to eat-out and we looked for a Japanese restaurant. We were assigned in Japan before by our previous company and while eating, we can’t help but recall some of the things we did in Nihon. (Thai food is too spicy for my taste yet).

I prefer sashimi over sushi. Please don’t ask why. I am about to sleep already. LOL! Well, it must be the rice in sushi.



  1. Wow. You made me hungry bro. Haha.

    I bet you can make dogfood look good and delicious with one shot. Great work, idol! hehe

  2. Oh man.. I can't stand raw meat. I tried eating maguro sashimi when I was in Japan but I couldn't finish it.

    I think I can't stand the slimy feeling inside my mouth. Bleeh!

    You've got good photos of it, but it doesn't help. I will not dare eat sashimi again. :D

  3. @Coy naks, salamat. sarap talaga yang sashimi. lol

    @geo masarap kaya ang hilaw :-) ipikit mo lang mata mo. oishii yo!

  4. ... agreed totomai ^_^ sashimi tottemo oishii yo!

    hi! landed here when i clicked the next blog to me.

    ... seems u had a good time when ur here in tokyo? that's cool!!


  5. hi lil_kath, yup definitely a fave food of mine. i stayed there for almost three years :-)

  6. my husband loves japanese foods especially the raw ones..ako?okay lang..pero mas ok sa akin ang thai foods..spicy...wasabi for me tastes like merthiolate,hehehe..but it's nice being able to taste different international cuisines..who knows..our famous native foods like suman,etc. which we are fond of eating taste like "whatever" to foreigners, di ba?..

  7. @mamang, never knew that your hubby likes japanese food. hehe. lucky charm guro ang krua thai, ari na ako di thailand. authentic haha

  8. miss ko tuloy ang saisaki.

  9. @HAL - namit gid, tulo na naman laway ko


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