Tuesday, May 22, 2007



If you think Disneyland is too tame and you are craving for a real ADVENTURE, why not go to Yomiuri Land? An amusement park located at Tokyo-tu, Inagi-shi, Yanoguchi, Japan. The park is not crammed full, no queues, you can definitely ride all you can as long as your belly can hold up to the twirls, twists, sways, drops of the heartless machines.

Anyway, one time, me and my former children, I mean officemates, went to take a crack at these oil-operated humans. Stuffed with a-hundred-yen-worth of enthusiasm, we were ready to conquer the terminators. Coolness! We were transported by a cable car to face these demons. Ha ha! Enough of personifications! Too corny already.

The attractions seduced us in every way. And we are too human to fall under their spells. A bit shaken, we resorted for some warm-up rides. First was the Circuit Gang, a 2.3 km go-kart circuit which circles the entire park. Relaxing enough to start the exploit or whatever you may call it. Next stop was the Standing Loop Coaster, this was amazing. Standing on a coaster was a breath of fresh air to traditional ones, a 410 meter torture at 75 km/hr didn’t affect us to try again for another two rounds. Then there was the Looping Starship, only four of us were determined to try this one. It looked like a space shuttle and looped at 360 degrees vertically. Be sure to open your eyes so you can see the expressions of the passengers. Hilarious!

Lunch break. Zzzzzz. No details needed. Ha!

No wasting of time please. We tried the Wave Swinger, and it was not a good idea. We just had our lunch. Instead of relaxing we ended up a bit dizzy. Should have been the last ride. A few meters away, the twin towers, Crazy Hu, were waving to us. Standing at 58 meters, we can’t help but to accept their invitation. They welcomed us like a friend but dropped us like an enemy at 65 km/hr. Haha. Helpless! It was scary but who cares.

On the other side of twins, there was a humble platform, BJ, for bungee jump. There’s an additional 900 yen per jump, a very inexpensive way to die. Hahaha! BJ hypnotized me and I found myself on the platform. Believe it or not. I am about to jump. Mother, Father, forgive me for I don’t know what I am doing! A 22 meter jump would be a great experience for me. I know I am safe. I have to jump. 3..2..1 Bungee Jump. I can hear the laughter downstairs. I froze on the platform. Take 2! 3…2..1.. Bungee Jump. Damn, I can’t do it. Take 3! 3..2..1.. Bungee Jump. I jumped. I jumped. Really. Hahaha. I felt like flying. That was a climax. Captured on cam. Kewl!

The group went to White Canyon. They say, this was an excat replica of White Canyon in Magic Mountain and this was made of wood. Interesting! 65 meters high, 1,100 meters long at 88 km/hr. Next we went to SL Coaster, the tamest ride I experienced. Maybe because the purpose of this coaster is to let the passenger see the green-ness of the lagoon, to appreciate Mother Nature. We rode this thrice. This was the best so far.

So we are definitely saving the best for last, The Bandit. This was the main attraction of the park, at 78 meters tall and 1,670 meters long and with occasional splashing from spectators and crews this was the highlight of the adventure. Once is not enough for us so we have to ride again to satisfy our wants! Hahaha!

If you have time visit this park.

Too bad the park had to close at 1800H. Are they catering to adults or what?



  1. sounds like a real adventure, specially "the bandit." and disneyland is really boring.

  2. @PB, yup, it was a indeed an adventure. hehe, disneyland, even disneysea is boring hehe


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