Tuesday, May 22, 2007



Just when I thought I am done with “carabao-english” and sign language as ways of communicating, I am dead wrong. Barely a half-week old in Thailand, I can sense that my stay here might be difficult. It’s just that I have experienced the same when I was in Japan. Ordering food or buying something in supermarket poses a challenge once again. The street signs, billboards are in Thai alphabet too. I guess I have to learn Thai language whether I like it or not.

Actually, it’s like an extension of the Philippines (or it’s the other way around, lol) , from the weather, the faces of the people, the traffic, the smiles of the locals, and the presence of askals on the streets – its just like home. Some observations though, most of them wear yellow on Mondays to honor their king. I guess it’s his favorite color. Last Monday, when I opened a bank account, the bank gave me a yellow shirt as souvenir. Now, I can wear one next Monday. Also, they are fond of statues, gods and goddesses, it must be their belief.

Just my initial impressions. Be back for more.


that’s strawberry-flavored Mirinda in Thai alphabet


  1. parang nasa bote ng rugby yung Mirinda nila ah :p

  2. hehe, maliliit nga yan. actually pepsi products lol

  3. Now what did I tell you about the yellow shirts? :D

    Hurray for yellow shirts!

  4. lol at geo, well, i wore yellow briefs that day hehe


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