Saturday, May 26, 2007


I like being with my family and friends, but there are moments that I just to be alone. These are times when I feel melancholic, crazy, annoyed, helpless, victorious – (kindly insert all other moods here, lol). This is the perfect occasion where I can write and express my thoughts independently. No external force or influence from other minds. Being alone is an opportunity to search, discover, learn, reflect more about yourself. Well, knowing more what’s within you is a continuous process after all, right? Sometimes, the results of these internal explorations can amaze you, and well, of course some can let you down too. Good or not-so-good discoveries can mold you into a better person. Looks like I’m in a retreat somewhere in Thailand, but no, I am just alone this very moment in a hotel room. Please bear with my random musing especially after waking up with a slight headache caused by the liquor from last night’s company party.


I believe that we are dependent in nature. But there’s no harm in trying to be independent. Well, the effect of alcohol is fading fast. Have to end this entry soon or else I’ll delete it again.



  1. Being alone doesn't necessarily mean you are alone. Don't forget that God is always with you. :) And "being alone" is the best time to talk to Him.

  2. alone but never lonely :-) thanks for that. i'll remember it

  3. two syllables. haha

    you must be dying inside, totomai.

  4. haha, di pa naman. malapit na akong tumalon lol

  5. i've always enjoyed my times alone....since very little...i always blamed it a bit on the introverted spirit i tend to have now and again....nothing wrong with that! many beautiful creations come out of that...your mind opens up to the possibilities of what you can accomplish...

  6. When I am alone, I truly find myself..

    dancing comes full circle

  7. I've been alone for several years now.I am far more contented than at any other time of my life and I think I'm a better person for it.

  8. I'm alone and yet never feel lonely...interesting. Nice post!

  9. I always love my solitude. I came all the way here, crossed the sea to find that and to enjoy the bliss of anonymity living in a foreign soil.

    Freedom from everything that stops me from becoming and being who I am.

    I got what I want.

    But sometimes, and that's becoming oftentimes lately, I also wanted to be home to be around people who really knew me.

    Yes, we can't always have everything. But we could always choose to make the most of what we have.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  10. Sometimes we treasure our own company.........

  11. i spend approximately 85% of my time alone... and wouldn't have it any other way... it is the most cleansing atmosphere i have ever existed in...

  12. My alone time is the space in which I grant myself permission, without guilt, to pursue that which I wish -- what ever that may be. I cherish my alone time.

  13. I think this post is very creative and clever and I am glad that the post was not deleted.

  14. hey ...i love the thought of being alone for a lil while...with two growing boys...its a luxury i can't afford...:)


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