Saturday, May 26, 2007


I decided to post slide shows of my travels and other interests from time to time. I have written about a month ago my experience in Boracay Island. It was a cool experience and for those who have been longing to visit this place and for some who, in one way or another misses the said paradise,I hope these photos can make you feel like you are in the island. Lol.




  1. musta na totomai? hehehe mau mga pics ta ah... mejo subong lang ko nakalagaw lagaw sa blogworld, saku pa diutay sa work ah
    balik balik lang... :)

  2. hi bert. mayo kay nakahapit ka gid man. hehe. thanks gid, wala bi obrahon, ti picture picture lang anay. halong

  3. ay bakit ganun nakakainis...nawala yung isa kong comment hahaha ang haba pa naman nun...eheheh!!! ulitin ko nga uli...waahhhh

  4. WWOOOOWWW! breath-taking pics! I was in Bora last March and yeah ang ganda nga dun kaya shet nun makita ko mga kuha mo... weh shet gusto ko uli bumalik hehe.. tnry ko din magkuha-kuha don eh hahah! walang-wala d2...haha ganda! gusto ko ung may sandcastle! =]

  5. @ellie, dapat kinontak mo ako at naging model kita hehe salamat sa pagbisita

  6. As I've mentioned earlier, Boracay remains my favorite summer destiantion. It is a place I will never get enough. I used to like just the beach and the view and its natural beauty. But in my succeeding vacations I've realized that what makes Boracay even more beautiful are the crowd going to the place - it is becoming a pilgrimage to most during summer to go to Boracay, and I'm one of the Pilgrims. So bad I can not do that anymore regularly now. I have to other beaches and places in the country and for me, nothing compare to the crowd in Boracay.

    I wish you well ~ Jeques

  7. Hi Jeques, well, if you are on vacation you can go back to the island soon and have a relaxing break :-) thanks


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