Wednesday, May 30, 2007


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My musical knowledge is limited. I have my own criteria (a musical preference) why I enjoy a certain song, album or artist. I think as long as it can serve as a background for my daily mood, I am fine with it. I know few artists, have a small collection of albums and can hardly hum some tunes. But that’s me, and as much as I want to explore more about the music industry (local or international), I'd better wait for someone, or at least the airwaves, to plug new music to my ears. Laziness defined.

I have a weakness for OPM (Original Pilipino Music). I was able to appreciate it when I stayed in Japan. And now, I am starting to miss it again. Weird, but every time I listen to a Tagalog song, I can’t help but beam. My boredom level is increasing quite fast. I must learn how to drive now! That deserves another entry in the future.

As what I have written earlier, listening to OPM now is a magical journey. Yes, even those repetitious novelty songs, annoying revivals, tonsil-breaking ballads, forced rock and alternative tunes, they are tolerable now. Am I crazy or what? Thousands of Filipino songs will be produced in the years to come, yup, including those remakes, but I believe my favorite OPM songs will always remain as favorites. To some these songs may be “jologs” or “baduy”, but hey I like them. Walang pakialamanan. Hehe.

Mabuhay ang OPM!



  1. Fishing ah. Baduy daw.

    You got the Asin song title wrong. :p I'm totally with you on the folk rock thing - despite my metal inclinations, I'm also a big fan of Joey Ayala, Asin, Freddie Aguilar and Grace Nono.

    May taste ka pala? haha

  2. lol @ benj, oo naman may taste din ako kahit papano.

    hmm, anong kanta dun ang mali ang title? may nakalimutan ka sa mga nabanggit mo. lol, yung i rerevive mo ang kanta nya. hehe

  3. Asin's Cotabato is Ang Bayan Kong Sinilang (Timog Cotabato). :)

    Richard Reynoso? Sige. haha

  4. haha, yun ba ang title, all the while kala ko cotabato.

    record mo na version mo, tapos pakikinggan ko

  5. lol, this playlist in my multiply site is getting a lot of hits. :-)nung una, wala masyadong nadalaw dun. pero parang di sa entry na naman to ang "referrer site" lol.

  6. cool.. maganda ang playlist mo. at natawa ako kase nakita ko sa list yung Mas Gusto Mo Sya ni Andrew E. haha... tamang senti 90's version...

    Bato Sa Buhangin reminds me of my college choir days.. huhuhu.. nakakasenti tuloy mag reminisce. :(

  7. pahabol: alam mo ba na memorize ko noon yang "Mas Gusto Mo Sya"? hahaha... tapos maganda yung choreography namin sa "Mahirap Magmahal Ng Syota Ng Iba"... trio syempre ang bumabanat nung kantang yun.

    at syempre, si Lolo Jose.. wow.feeling ko bumabalik ako sa warp zone ng aking kabataan..

    ngayon, ang isa sa mga gusto kong OPM's ay yung Kanlungan ni Noel Cabangon ;)

  8. @aajao, hehe, di ba nahahalata yung edad nating dalawa?

    bato sa buhangin - lagi ko yan kanta pag lasing. hehe ewan ko , pero gusto ko talaga yung Mas Gusto mo sya ni andrew e. memorize ko pa din hanggang ngayon. hehe

    maganda din ang kanlungan. :-)


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