Friday, June 1, 2007


After toiling from work, or from any demanding activities, I often treat myself for a body massage. It’s my way of releasing the stored pressures and a not-so-expensive method of relaxing. Usually, I go to massage parlors or clinic spas, or if I am lazy enough to travel, I opted for a home or room service.


There are different types of massage and more or less I have experienced each. Among these styles, I prefer a hard body massage and I realized that I am fully satisfied after a Thai massage. I can’t really explain in details the procedures involved, but I enjoy the part that I am being stretched. My interest in Thai massage or massage in general leads me to different venues. I tried some expensive and cheap spa clinics as well as with the blind masseurs in some shopping malls. How can I forget the Japanese masseuse who can’t speak English – it was a sign language session (oh, the pictures on the brochures helped a lot!). From take of your clothes, what do you want to drink, hard or soft massage, lie down.

Barely two weeks old here in Thailand, I can sense some pressure from work. Or is it just me pressuring myself. And I guess I need some Thai massage. Wouldn’t it be cool to try this traditional massage in the country of origin? There are lots of stalls, cubicles here offering massage. But I was warned by lots of friends and officemates to be more cautious in entering some parlors here. You’ll never know what’s in store for you! Hmm, I think I’ll take it as a challenge.



  1. Malapit ka ng magka AIDS. Of course, I'm assuming that you didn't get it in Japan...

  2. Yeah be careful out there. Massage sometimes is a bit.. sexual. :P

  3. benj and geo, dont worry, totomai is wholesome hehe. walang bisyo :-)

  4. very nice pic to describe the thrill of massage! i wonder, was it indeed the elephant that gave you the massage? do you think the elephant enjoys the job as a masseur? :), like the creativity of the pic though, i am hoping the elephant enjoys the job!

  5. hi ms beth, i would love a human hand to do the massage hehe. nice to see you here. :-)

  6. Hi Totomai,

    yes, in Thailand Thai massage places can be found almost everywhere. If you want to be sure that you get an authentic (and non-sexual) Thai massage in Bangkok, just go to the Wat Po temple (nearly the grand palace). A massage there is 300 THB (about 6 (USD) and generelly the staff is well trained.

    Greetings from Berlin,
    Ramin Assemi

  7. @ramin - so there is an authentic sexual Thai massage? :D I wonder if we have that here in Manila. Lol

  8. Kailangan ko rin yan nowadays. Full body massage. Hehe. Kelan balik mo tsong?

  9. @ramin - thanks for the info. im a bit far from bangkok, im in rayong but ill remember it if i have the chance to go to bangkok

    @geo - lol, perhaps there are sexual massage in the Philippines. haha. go and search. lol

    @coy - naku coy, pamasahe ka na agad. hehe. medyo matagal pa balik ko e. mga next year hehe

  10. Lol. I'm a lazy searcher. Just cough up the info. :D

  11. ahahay! panalo ang massage jan ah... paexperience naman heheheh!!! =] kaso nakakatakot, what if naflip bigla ung elephant at magwild wild! hehe...yare!!!

  12. @geo - lol, kaya mo na yan. hehe

    @ellie - si radek gusto mo pamasahe natin sa elepante? hehe

  13. hmm... affordable ba mga spa dyan? my girl works here in The SPA. sayang, bentahan sana kita ng gift cheques ng The SPA. check it out, dude:

    pag-uwi mo rito at pakiramdam mo eh gusto mong magpa-spa, contact me! tignan ko kung maikuha kita ng discount ;)

    PS. wholesome dyan sa The SPA kaya pure relaxation lang :p

  14. @aajao, medyo mura naman ang room service dito hehe. uy, uy, thanks for the info. baka nga kakailanganin ko yan pag uwi. ung sa URBAN SPA sa shangrila ok din dati e.

    wholesome talaga hanap ko :-)


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