Monday, June 18, 2007


What is it like to be a father? I can’t answer it yet for the time being but I hope soon. I have a confession to make, every time I see young men of my age carrying their children, be it in a mall, park, or restaurants, I can’t help but envy them. The joy in their eyes is so transparent that I wanted to be in their position. I always whisper to myself when I am going to have kids? Though it’s quite affecting not to embrace a definite answer, but life may surprise me one day.

Our parents usually tease us (me and my brother) about having kids. All I can reply is an unsure and bitter smile while my brother, a naughty grin. My brother is in a relationship for almost 3 years already but getting married is not yet included in their plans. Perhaps, another 2-3 years more. I am single. That makes it more difficult to produce an offspring. After failed relationships, love never find its way again. For the meantime, I’ll just enjoy being single. And who knows, I can find my other half here in Thailand. Just a wishful thinking.

where's mom

Talking about fatherhood of sort, I respect my father despite his shortcomings. He is just a simple man, a high school graduate, who in his own way and diskarte tries to provide and support us. When we were younger, he had this addiction to gambling, alcohol and cigarettes. Actually we didn’t know what kind of intervention came his way that he avoided all of these in a wink of an eye. Just like that, though sometimes he still goes to sabungan. Well, I can’t blame him as a portion of our home is allocated to his fighting cocks. He may lack education and technical know-hows but he showed to us how to survive and be more practical. Happy Fathers’ Day, ‘Pa!

Actually, the inspiration behind this entry is my friend Julio. We have known each other for almost a year through Challenge You, one of flickr’s groups. Last Saturday, another masterpiece of his – Afonso – was welcomed to this beautiful world. His happiness is beyond words. Thank you for sharing this moment to us, my friend. Truly a proud Dad! Congratulations, to you and to your lovely wife. Wishing you and your family good health.

Going back to my case, if the right lady is nowhere near, a babymaker perhaps is not a bad idea.



  1. Hey who knows, you might just meet Ms. Right today. :) Good luck on the search. Even without kids, with your take on fatherhood, I am sure you'll make a fine dad to your kids some day.

  2. Hi May, that was fast. i have to be careful to check my spelling and grammar first before posting this. hehe. daming mali last time sa reply ko sa yo.

    thanks for the inspiring words, sana nga matagpuan ko na and dapat matagpuan hehehe. tanda ko na, lapit na ako 30...

  3. Perhaps May is right about finding Ms.Right, but whatever happens, don't start by telling her that you wanna be a father, or she would run away :)
    And don't be so anxious about it, the haste is our biggest enemy.

    I never felt envious of other guys carrying their children, having kids never was in my plans... but then I met my wife, we decided to marry in 6 months and our first desired kid popped up 16 months later.

    What the hell happened with me? Dunno. I am not a believer, but I swear I felt something pushing me forward and forward... maybe it was my cat, pushing me to feed him... j/k, or perhaps it was just mother nature's ringing the bell...

    So, my friend, I really thing our friend mother nature moved to Thailand as well, and is now messing with your head :)

    About my 'masterpiece' :) ... oh man, you are a master with words, and a great friend. I'm really touched. I feel honored to be your friend.

    I wish you all the luck in the world.

  4. So right, Julio. Don't tell her too early you're looking to be a father. You'll scare the living daylights out of any potential Ms. Right.

    It's funny though, when the hubbs and I were still dating around 10 years ago, he once declared he was gonna be a bachelor for life and was never having kids. I think he was kinda joking, but it also got me thinking that I couldn't see him as a potential Mr. Right because I wanted to get married and have kids. With Mr. Right, of course.

    A year later, we were still dating. The next year he proposed and was begging me to have his kids (hahaha!). Years after that, we got married then had a baby. No father can be as proud nor as doting. What happened to him? I dunno, either. Whatever made him declare his was gonna be a kidless bachelor for life must have been a heat stroke symptom, because I certainly don't see that now.

    Oh, happy Father's Day the world over!

    :) :)

  5. Hi Julio and May, those are such inspiring replies. Made me feel better. Perhaps, I am afraid to think about the idea of being alone when I grow old. My parents are already old too and I guess they really want to have grandchildren as soon as possible. Lol.

    @Julio, thanks for the wishes man, I think I really need them. I have been patiently waiting for Ms. Right but Ms. Maybes are the one that kept on coming. You get in married in 6 months time? Hehe, that was fast. Perhaps, I’ll try to break that timeframe. Hehehe. Its an honor to be your friend too, Julio.

    More masterpieces to come! Congrats again!

    @May, you know what, it always crosses my mind being a kidless bachelor. Your story made me hopeful and I thank you for that. Seems that you were dating for the longest time. Hehehe. But at last, he had the conviction to tell you to be the mother of his kids. Hehe. Lovely story! Pwede pang TV.

    By the way, to all the fathers and acting like fathers, Happy Fathers Day!

  6. hey dude! we share the same sentiments. gusto ko na ring maging tatay. haha! ang senti naman ng post mo. :p

  7. @aajao, hehehe, pwedeng pwede ka na maging tatay, pakasal na kayo. Ako maghahanap. Hehe. Drama ba? La magawa sa bahay e kaya kung ano ano ang naiisip at nasusulat hehe

  8. Naku, do I sound old na ba? :P Yoko na nga impart ng worldy wisdom, mapagkamalan pa akong ancient....

    :) :)

  9. @May, no, not at all. I am actually inspired by your replies. ako nga yata ang matanda e hehehe

  10. ay naku maghunos dili ka dyan ~~ baby maker ba kamo? muntik na 'kong mahulog sa chair ko ah!!!

    just take it easy ~~~ love comes in unexpected places daw (?)

  11. hehe, buti di ka nahulog sa chair mo te.. opo, naghuhunos dili na nga po ako. alam mo naman na good boy ako. hehe musta japan?

    E dim as lalong dadami ang admirers mo nyan hehhe 

  12. your mother will surely adore her apo,hehe..if magkaka- are a responsible child so i know that you will make a great dad too someday..kelan kaya ang someday na yan?..well, good things come to those who wait,remember..:))

  13. @mamang, haha, yun di ko alam kung kelan ang someday na yun. hehe mauubos na buhok ko e hehe

  14. don't rush even it's already late ~~ hehehehe

    parenting is not an easy thing ~~~ it could be a heaven's gift or it could be your worst nightmare ~ lol ~~ just enjoy what you have now!


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