Thursday, June 14, 2007


My ex-girlfriend told me before that “life is a series of hellos and goodbyes”. Though I am not sure whether this quote is originally hers or not. No matter what, she is dead right. Along the way of our journey, we meet strangers that eventually become our friends, maybe enemies or those non-existents after a quick Hi!

I value friendship incalculably. I guess it is one of the best gifts that I have received in this lifetime. I have lots of friend, oh well; I was tagged as Mr. Congeniality and sometimes, Bestfriend Johnny then, in school, community, and workplace.

When I was a kid, I always thought that friends were just mere companions at play. Nothing more, nothing less. That from the moment I start attending school, these so-called friendships will end. I was wrong. Very wrong. Friendship never ceases. It continuously grows and multiplies. It is an amazing kind of chain that can only be weakened by rust (read: doubts, betrayal).

I have countless friends. For some, our friendships started when we were still toothless. Other bonds are just few years old. But they made an impact on my life and in one way or another helped me to become the person I am now. If I have time, we may be countries apart; I see to it call them, or sent a text message or an email. A simple how are you? could brighten their day (I believe so!)

It could only be me but in each friendship I have, I noticed that there is always an innocent or childlike aura coming out in the course of enjoyment and conversations. Yeah, perhaps we are all young at heart.


Let your friends feel that they are special to you.



  1. So what is it this time?! Pedophilia?!

  2. pedophilia ka dyan. :D

    dami mo talagang alam hehe

  3. you know it's funny. i feel comfortable with online friends. i mean, i haven't met them personally but getting in touch through cyberspace gives me the impression that these online friends can never be far from being real-life friends.

    minsan gagawa ako ng entry sa online friendship. hehe.

    PS. bakit isa lang yung hinulaan mo sa 10 truths 5 Lies entry ko? kulang ka pa ng apat. hehe...

  4. @aajao,

    hehe, i think i am slowly gaining online friends hehehe.

    yun lang kasi ang medyo sure ako na lie e. hehe. mahina ang psychic powers ko

  5. Online friends are good, but real live friends are better. =) It's the experience which makes friendship stronger. So with online friends, you can still share an experience together, but not so much..

    Friends are God's blessings. Friends are the people who make you happy or who give you great sadness.

  6. @geo, how's toronto? hehe

    why great sadness? i guess online friends are real too. thanks for dropping by

  7. Hey there, Mr. Congeniality! :) Friends ~ the real ones, that is ~ are a dime a dozen so it is one of the best gifts life can offer.

    Giving Thailand's reigning Mr. Congeniality a run for his money now, are we? He should feel threatened. :P

  8. hi may!

    lol, perhaps he should be threatened. i am starting too friendly to everyone heer. thanks!

  9. Toronto is great :) I'll write about it when I find the time :P

    What I meant was, friends are the people who can give you great sadness. Why? Because they are important to you and when they hurt you, it hurts the most.

    Not unlike when a stranger does something bad to you. It just goes away easy.

  10. @geo, take your time then. yeah, mas masakit pag sinaktan ka ng kaibigan mo. hehehe


    ngayon ko lang nabasa yung reply ko kay May, mali mali pala hehehe

  11. I really like your views on friendship.Friendship is eternal and only grows with each passing day.It is good to know that you've got many friends.Preserve it forever!

  12. @Robert, thanks. I value my friends a lot and I continue my bonds with them. They are all special. Thanks for dropping by.

  13. i really dont have a lot of friends coz im not fond of plastikan..but im proud to say that my "selected friends" are all authentic..yung tipong for better or worst..yung walang iwanan..i prefer quality than quantity..and you are one of them..:))

  14. @mamang, thanks mang. naks, authentic pala ako hehe

  15. There was one point in my life when I was called friend of everybody. I can just easily blend well with everyone - that was when I was younger and not less jaded.
    But as I grow up, encountering not so friendly people, betrayals, lies I became more cautious. One thing I have learned: I can not always expect people to treat me well the way I treat them. No matter how good hearted you are, how honest and trustworthy you are, how smart you are there would still be time that you'll get a bitter taste of hurt from not so friendly people. And so I grew up, but never as happy. You,re right, the child in us always longs for that pure child-like friendship. Every now and then we meet some, and loss some. And they, the bad ones included, help us define who we really are.

    I wish you well ~ Jeques

  16. i dont know, but i do trust easily though my other friends always tell me that to be more cautious.

    of course... no expectations to the friends we meet along the way. :-)


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