Thursday, June 7, 2007



Somewhat calculated. I think that’s how I can define my present state. My workload is currently extracting all my mental and physical strengths, and even my creative juices are drying up. Perhaps this is the initial effect after coming out from a five-month bumhood. Welcome back, my long lost friend – pressure!

And just when I thought I can update my blog regularly, as well as visit other blogsites, this job of mine is seeking much attention from me. I am not complaining though since it’s my source of income and I love my profession. Process Engineering has a wide scope and it’s been a venue for continuous learning and improvement. I may have a 5 year experience as a Process Engineer but there are other processes that are still foreign to me. I still have a lot to learn. A LOT!

As much as I miss writing, I miss reading blogs all over the blogosphere. It’s always been a treat to read random entries; it feels like talking to a friend. I do visit a number of blogs though I don’t usually post a comment. Haha! Too tired to gather my thoughts and compose a sensible reply. Its great to read different topics and views. And by the way, I can’t access youtube here. So to those who are video blogging. I’m sorry.

Oh, and before I forget, I miss flickr too. I have lots of photos taken in Thailand already but I am not in the mood to upload them. I don’t have the luxury to look and comment to other photos too. I’m sorry my flickr friends.

Anyway, I am still alive and can manage to chat for a minute or two before sleeping, but maybe the activity on this blog will be much slower. (Well, its slow after all, LOL).



  1. I love how you can produce images in relation with your thoughts. Watch mo yan? Arbor pare. Haha.

    Good news. I have uploaded my videos at Google Video and may link na sa latest vlogs ko. So maybe when your not busy, you can check it out. :D

    My latest episode is about my cousin leaving for Bangkok, Thailand. Baka magkita pa kayo dyan pare. Hehe.

    Anyway, we will be missing your posts and photos. Pero ok lang, pagbutihan mo lang dyan at pag mayaman ka na, wag mo kami kakalimutan hehe.

    I'll be checking your site for updates. Good luck totomai!

  2. Looks like you're not the only one timed and busy in another country. ;)

    I'm currently in Toronto. Btw, I made a new blog, check it out if you find time (

  3. @Coy - thanks for the kind words. hehe, yung ibang pics luma ko na nakuha yan, match ko lang sa mga entries ko hehe

    thanks for uploading your videos sa google. ill check it this weekend.

    oo nga baka magkita pa kami ng cousin mo. kaso mga 2 hrs away ako sa bangkok hehe

    yup, relo ko yan, bigay sa akin last time.

    @geo - naks, pa canada canada ka na lang. pasalubong hehhee. ingat. hehe. familiar talaga yung breadcrumbs trail :-) kayod kabayo ako dito

  4. wow congrats to,kaya naman pala nawawala ka sa flickr,bzing bz sa blog...mabuhay kaflickristas!

  5. @fafa jolengs,

    minsan lang ako nag bloblog hehehe. kung may time ako flickr uli. medyo busy lang. hehehe

    oo, mabuhay flickristas!

  6. at least alam naming, your all fine, and still blessed to be very busy having a way to have an income

  7. thanks te. im trying my best to balance my professional and personal life.

    hope all is well in your end too


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