Saturday, June 30, 2007


I hope you have read the entry below about our misadventures in Bangkok, Thailand. Despite of those experiences, I can still say that we had a blast. The 2nd part of our travel was really great.

We stayed at Thai Cozy House, located in the center of Khao San road. It is very accessible to all the destinations. The place is cheap yet very comfortable. They also had thai massage services. If you're exhausted after a day trip, you can relax and savor the satisfaction by this traditional massage.

Before going back to Banchang, we went to some of the famous temples. Among them were Wat Phra Kaew, or also known as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, is Thailand's most important temple, consisting of over 100 brightly colored buildings, golden sprires, and glittering mosaics that date back to 1782* and Wat Pho, home for the famous Reclining Buddha and also where traditional Thai massage was first taught*.

We have a limited time but it was worth every minute of it. There are lots of temples that need to be visited. Have to find some time and explore the sacred grounds once again. Soon.

Below is the slideshow of the photos I took during the trip. I haven't uploaded all the photos but it will be automatically updated.


*taken from Central World brochure - Bankok Shortlist for Sightseers


  1. Wow, you are having the time of your life! Great exploring!

  2. I didn't have to read the text; the pictures say it all - AMAZING!

  3. @May and Geo - thanks guys! Thailand is really photogenic lol.

    Thanks for dropping by. Been very busy the past few days, and no wireless connection for the past 3 days


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